5 Types of Businesses That Rely on High Quality Commercial Garage Doors

5 Types of Businesses That Rely on High Quality Commercial Garage Doors

Types of Businesses That Rely on High Quality Commercial Garage Doors


Industrial garage doors are not just for warehouses and auto body shops. Our commercial garage doors in aluminum or steel are in demand from businesses of all types.


They’re designed to be durable, reliable and energy-efficient. However, their rugged look and versatility are making them a hot commodity for businesses in every sector.


Here are a few places where you will see our commercial garage doors.

1. Restaurants

We will start with the less obvious businesses that don’t have cars driving into them all day.


The glass rolling garage door has really become a hot item for trendy restaurants over the last couple of years. This gives the front of the business an industrial chic look. It also allows them to create a sort of hybrid patio by opening the doors on warm days to let the fresh air inside.


A lot of restaurants are also using these doors inside to separate one section from another. This can give you an added layer of sound control, while simply looking really cool.


These doors have to look amazing, but they also have to be reasonably insulated and energy efficient. Utility bills can be a major expense in a restaurant. The bigger the space, the bigger the potential it has for waste or heat loss.


Our doors make a nice and tight seal at the bottom and provide you with more than enough protection from our cold Canadian winters. Then, when the weather returns to more civilized temperatures in the spring, you can open them back up again.

2. Coffee Shops

Like the restaurant scene, the coffee shop industry has really embraced the look of the glass garage door to create a cool façade for their building.


A glass door also helps a passer-by look into the coffee shop to see the Instagram-worthy cappuccinos and pastries being served. Once they peek inside, they can’t help but stop in and grab something. On the flip side of things, it also makes it easy for daydreamers to simply sit back and enjoy their coffee while they watch the busy city walk past them.


These doors are a great way to add natural light into the building, while also giving you the option to open the doors up on nice days.

3. Fire Departments


This is where reliability is truly tested. If your garage door is the only thing standing between a fire engine and an emergency, it had better open promptly every time!


We are extremely proud that the Dodds name is known and trusted by hardworking fire professionals across the GTA. We know what our doors have to stand up to in these settings, and we take it as a sign that we’re building and installing a reliable product.

4. Automotive Businesses

A reliable commercial garage door can actually make or break your automotive business, whether you’re running a garage, a repair shop, a car dealership or a car rental agency. All of these businesses need a commercial door that they can count on to function perfectly, while looking great.


First and foremost, you need a quality door because cars will be going in and out of your business all day. However, you will also need a reasonably energy-efficient and/or insulated garage door to ensure the cold Canadian winters aren’t draining your business’ profit through sky-high utility bills.


You also need a strong and secure door. You probably have hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment inside, as well as your customers’ vehicles. A single break-in could completely sink your business.


Of course, these businesses need to maintain their hardworking doors to ensure optimal performance, with no downtime. That’s why we offer 24 hour garage door spring repair and emergency repair services, as well as preventative maintenance visits.


If you’re handy and have gotten to know your shop’s door pretty well, you might want to come work for us and put those skills to use. We’re always looking for people like you to join our proud team!

5. Office and Apartment Buildings

We’re also the go-to choice for businesses that need secure parking for their tenants, whether you’re running a condo building or an office building.


Obviously, these clients need a secure and reliable door. But they also typically need some sort of simple and affordable keycard, code, or FOB system to ensure that authorized people can come and go as they please.


Our high-speed doors can be installed in tight spaces where you may not have a lot of overhead room. These doors are also easy to maintain, which prevents any unnecessary downtime or complications. They are also remarkably quiet, so they won’t bother tenants just above the area of the door.


We also offer other specialty items such as:


  • Steel Bollards
  • Speed Bumps
  • Track Guards
  • Stop & Go Traffic Lights
  • Steel Goose Post To Mount Keypads


If you’re not looking for an actual door for your parking area, you may want a barrier gate with a terminal payment system, as well as options for keycard, code, or FOB entry. These give you the security you need for your outdoor parking area, with a steel housing unit attached to a concrete pad, with an opening/closing gate-arm made of your choice of either wood or aluminum.

Need a Commercial Garage Door For Your Business?

We can help you choose the perfect door to match your business’ needs and budget.


For the last 60 years, we have built our reputation based on trust and providing exceptional customer service. We’re proud that the Dodds name is synonymous with quality. We are the most respected name for commercial garage doors in Oakville as well as other areas such as Burlington, Hamilton, Georgetown, Milton and the entire GTA.


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