Garage Door Dodds Heavy Duty Trolley Operator
Dodds Heavy Duty Trolley Operator
Garage Door LiftMaster Trolley Operator
LiftMaster Trolley Operator

Trolley Electric Openers


Trolley Garage Door Openers/Operators are typically used for low headroom and standard lift sectional doors and are available in light, medium, high cycle and industrial-duty. The applications for trolley operators range from residential or light-duty applications to heavy-duty industrial applications. Trolley electric openers are often used in condominiums, apartments and warehouses.

Dodds Difference

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Dodds Difference

60+ years of service - Dodds has been serving the GTA since 1958. Our prices are fair and most importantly our service is extraordinary. Solid rail - Dodds uses a solid steel rail which is not available at the box stores. It is stronger and less likely to break.