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Dodds Contemporary Series Garage Door

  • Dodds Modern White

    Dodds Modern White

  • Dodds Modern Black

    Dodds Modern Black

  • Contemporary TC
  • Contemporary SC
  • 2030 Dodds ultra modern

    What a beautiful door!

  • 2-620 contemporary steel
  • 1-723 wood look steel door

    Yes you heard it right....this is a steel door !!

  • 821
  • H-T-01-OK-S-08.jpg
  • 1-713

    European style shutter door. Becoming very popular in the GTA

  • M 59
  • 619 contemporary steel

    This design will look so good on a modern, contemporary home

  • Beryl-Lane-Cortona-4-11-2ToneTest.jpg
  • DD98

    Now this is a modern look !!

  • 4 - 910

    modern steel door

  • H_N_05_NT_S_09.jpg
  • 837

    flash steel garage door

  • 37r
  • 1 - 46 Wood look steel coach house

    Looks like real wood, but its a steel insulated door

  • 55 flush steel

    Some people like a more simple look with less design. This door has no raised panels at all. On the right house, it looks pretty good.

  • g 27

    all glass garage door

  • steel wood plank door
  • 6-49
  • c16 contemporary steel
  • G-90 overlay garage door
  • 1-4 recessed panel steel
  • 3-63 flash steel
  • M22
  • M23
  • M24
  • M25
  • M26
  • M13
  • M27
  • M28
  • Contemporary-Charcoal.jpg

Modern Garage Door - more choices

Until only a few years ago there was very little to choose from when it comes to garage doors. Early on, there was only the not so attractive, one-piece garage doors available. The only option was what colour you were going to paint it. Wooden garage doors took over from the one piece door, but there was still not a lot of choices. Boy, things have changed so much in the garage door industry, and now the selection is endless. The first wave of new styles arrived probably about ten years ago when the Coach House garage door hit the market. It became an instant success because now there was something that was unique compared to the typical raised panel design. The coach house door has been around for so long now and makes up a good percentage of sales, and is considered a staple in the line. It comes in steel, wood, and also steel that looks like wood, and you might be surprised how authentic it does appear.

Custom colours for garage doors

Glass Garage Door

The latest wave of contemporary or modern garage doors has hit and is certainly starting to gain traction in the market. The full view, all glass garage door has become very popular on homes. Many of you might not know the term full view garage door. The best way to describe it is a door that you would see at a car dealership service drive through. On the residential version, the windows are often frosted or tinted and the aluminum part or the frame coloured to enhance the beauty of the house.

Flush Garage Door

There are flush garage doors that also look great on a modern looking home. The steel version is the most popular and is usually insulated which helps keep it warmer in the garage and adds a lot of strength and dent resistance to the door. We have been selling quite a few of an interesting and very modern and contemporary flush garage door that has windows that go down the door instead of across. When you use a frosted glass, the result is very nice! I have these style garage doors on my house and have been getting a lot of positive feedback as the look is very clean and modern. There are a number variations to this idea; all creating a very classy, modern and contemporary look.

Roll Up, Shutter Garage Door

We also carry a line of the roll up, shutter style garage door. Anyone who has been to Europe in the last few years is sure to have seen this. If you want to add a European flair to your home, then it is something to consider.

If you are considering a contemporary or modern garage door, check out the modern garage door slideshow, and you can see some of the interesting, modern garage doors that we have to offer. Give us a call, and if you wish, we can set up a consultation, show you in more detail what we have and give you a free estimate.

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