5 Old Problems That Modern Garage Doors Fix

5 Old Problems That Modern Garage Doors Fix

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You might have an old garage door because you’re not aware of how simple a new door and opener can make your life.

You might be struggling with some simple day-to-day problems and inconveniences that you don’t even really notice anymore. They’re just how “things are,” so you deal with them. Well, what if we told you that things didn’t have to be that way?

Believe us when we tell you that residential garage door styles and options have come a long way over the years, as has the technology used in the garage door openers on today’s market.

Here are 5 pretty common (yet annoying) problems that you could solve by installing a new door or a new opener.

1 – “I Can’t Remember if I Locked the Garage Door”

There are few worse feelings in the world. You’ve painstakingly packed your bags for a vacation and you somehow get out of the door in time to catch your flight. But, then you find yourself in the car on the way to the airport or sitting in your seat on the plane, asking yourself ,“Did I remember to lock the garage?”

Now you’re on your cell phone calling your neighbors or friends to sheepishly ask them if they wouldn’t mind stopping by to check it/ lock it. Wouldn’t it be better to just use that same phone to simply tap a button to check it and tap it again to lock it?

Today’s Wi-Fi enabled garage doors will sync with a mobile app, which means you can check it and lock it from anywhere. It will also send you real-time alerts when anyone tries to open the door. You can monitor your home’s security, whether you’re out of town or simply at work.

2 – “We Missed the Delivery… Again”

You can also use that same connectivity to make sure you never miss another package.

A modern garage door opener can open the garage door for safe and secure deliveries, even when you’re not home. Amazon is now offering this in-garage delivery option for people with Key by Amazon. This means you no longer have to wait around all day or rush home to be there for the delivery.

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This is a good compromise for people who found Amazon employees actually coming into their empty home a tad intrusive and even creepy.

Keeping your package in the garage keeps it out of the weather and protects it from would-be thieves. This may appeal to you if you’ve seen the headlines about the rise in doorstep theft in recent years.

3 – “I Hate the Exterior of Our Home. It’s Boring”

You don’t have to live with a boring garage door. Today’s design options and garage door colours have evolved just as much as the technology.

You can do something drastic this year, instead of simply painting the door. Why not try a bold and completely new colour on your garage door, with some new accents and complementary colours on your trim and window frames?

You may also consider adding a new decorative touch by capping your garage door to add a new element of style that is very hot right now.

4 – “Our Utility Bills are Getting Higher and Higher!”

Yes, utility rates have been going up for as long as we can remember. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wince every time you open your hydro bill and simply hope for the best.

An old or damaged garage door could be one of the biggest sources of heat loss in your entire home, as it represents about a third of the exterior of your home.

A lot of people are buying new energy-efficient windows to help combat their rapidly-escalating utility bills. This is always a great idea, but don’t forget about an energy-efficient garage door.

Adding an insulated garage door will give a massive surface on your home a big boost in R-value, which means your HVAC system isn’t going to have to work nearly as hard to heat or cool your home.

These garage doors can be an absolute must in northern communities with bitterly harsh winters.

5 – “We Don’t Have Enough Space”

Adding an insulated garage door can also help you add more storage space or living space to your home.

About 40% of people surveyed feel that they need a bigger home and more living space. However, you don’t need a bigger house to unlock more space. You simply need to make better use of what you have now.

For example, an insulated garage means you can turn this space into:

  • A workout/ yoga room
  • A man cave/she-shed
  • A home office
  • Even a guest bedroom

You would be amazed at how inexpensive and incredible these transformations can be. The old “garage” may become your new favorite room in the house. However, without proper insulation, you’re going to pay a fortune to keep this room climate-controlled and comfortable

Or maybe you simply don’t have enough storage space because you’ve run out of room in your basement and closets. Adding an insulated garage door now gives you more climate-controlled storage in the garage, which means you don’t have to be afraid of keeping certain items out there anymore.

Moving your boxes and clutter to the garage can open up so much more space in your home.

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