6 Projects That Will Actually Hurt a Burlington Home’s Resale Value

6 Projects That Will Actually Hurt a Burlington Home’s Resale Value

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Are you looking to sell a home in Burlington this winter? Or are you planning the upgrades that will hopefully help your home stand above the rest this spring?


Be warned, not all home improvements boost your home’s resale value. Some are high-cost and can actually limit the number of would-be buyers that your home appeals to.


Before we get into the money-wasters, remember that upgrading your garage door holds the highest ROI of all home improvements. Calling your garage door company in Burlington could help you sell your home faster! But don’t take our word for it. Read these glowing Dodds Doors reviews from some of our satisfied customers.


Now, here are six home improvement projects you may want to avoid.

1. A Pool

This is one of the most drastic and expensive upgrades you can make to your home. It likely requires a massive amount of landscaping to dig a big hole in your backyard, and fill it with complex electrical and plumbing systems.


But it’s always worth it, because who doesn’t want a pool, right? Well, it turns out, quite a few people.


A significant percentage of today’s homebuyers feel that having a pool can drown them in extra costs and maintenance. Some of these people have had pools in the past and have sworn: “never again.” These people won’t even look at a property with a pool.

2. A Hot Tub

This is similar to adding a pool. You may add a hot tub and assume that a would-be buyer will picture themselves relaxing in the tub on a nice cool night, letting the jets work the knots out of their back and the stress out of their mind.


However, some jaded homebuyers may picture the costs and maintenance that go along with this hot tub. The ROI is not always there.


If you already have one, great. Clean it and showcase it as part of an amazing backyard. However, if you don’t already have one, you don’t need to add one.


3. A Sunroom

If you have a space that isn’t quite big enough for a bedroom and you don’t feel like turning it into an office, you may consider converting it into a relaxing sunroom.


If your home overlooks a lake or a panoramic view, this could be one of the best ways to showcase the scenery. This room could quickly become the most popular in the home. However, if you don’t have that type of view to offer, the value of a sunroom is low. In fact, you’re most likely going to lose money on this upgrade.


In a competitive market like Burlington, homebuyers are looking for more practicality than pageantry. They want the maximum amount of living space for their dollar. If your sunroom isn’t overlooking something spectacular, a homebuyer is most likely looking at it and wondering how to turn it into a home office or spare bedroom.

4. Anything That Removes the Bathtub

It’s a pretty good rule of thumb that if you take a bathtub out, you need to put it somewhere else in the home. Subtracting the number of bathtubs will almost never lead to a good ROI.


Removing a bathtub from the home limits your appeal to:


  • People with families and kids
  • People who want to retreat to their tub after a long workday


Yes, the stand-up shower appeals more to elderly people with mobility issues. It’s also popular among busy younger couples with no kids. However, keep in mind that those young couples are looking at houses instead of condos. That means that having a family is likely on their radar.

5. Bold Paint or Wallpaper

Painting the walls can show you one of the better ROIs out there, if you’re simply refreshing the look of a room. However, the more drastic the change you make, the bigger the chance you take.


Wild or unorthodox colours on your walls can help your home stand out for all of the wrong reasons. They may appeal to a small number of homebuyers, but they will most likely turn off everyone else.


At the same time, homebuyers are often put off by a lot of wallpaper. Too much of a pattern can be overwhelming and you run the risk of the look growing dated very quickly. Also, a lot of people know that removing wallpaper can be a massive pain.


You’re much better off choosing a safe, clean and neutral colour that will appeal to a larger number of people.

6. Major Backyard Upgrades

You can easily sink tens of thousands of dollars into a major backyard overhaul. However, you may not get that money back,


Yes, you want your backyard to look good. So, addressing a messy garden or some dead spots on the grass is always a good idea. However, the more lavish and stylish you go, the more you run the risk of your style choices not jiving with any given homebuyer’s taste.


Simple is good. Make sure your backyard is a nice blank slate for homebuyers, so it can look however they want it to look. If they want an elaborately decorated backyard, let them picture it. More importantly, let them pay for it and do the work themselves.

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