The Top 5 Creative Garage Door Ideas of 2023

The Top 5 Creative Garage Door Ideas of 2023

Toronto Artist Jummy Chiale designed Dodds Garage Door

Many homeowners are looking to upgrade their traditional garage door for a more creative garage door design.

While most modern homes typically have a garage suitable for at least two vehicles, some larger homes can have room for many more. But whatever the size, the garage connects to the home directly, or is a separate structure. 

Most homeowners agree that a connected garage works better with less hassle and provides easy access to the interior of the home. The most important aspect of your next design is that it must finish off the style of your home nicely. 

Modern garage doors have the latest materials and color combinations. The cool thing about having choices is that you can design them any number of ways to provide a clean, modern look. 

For those who like to stretch the boundaries of unique garage door designs, a plethora of choices are right at your fingertips. Updating your current garage door by boosting its appearance from its older, dated look will increase your home’s value and dramatically improve its curb appeal. 

While you are choosing your favorite design, try thinking about creative garage door colours. For example, why not experiment with a bright red against a black background, for example. Its striking appearance is sure to draw attention to your home.

If you decide on a more conservative approach, earth tones are quite popular, but a sleek trim colour to accent the design also works. 

 What is Considered a Modern Garage Door? 

For many years, garage doors existed merely as another entryway into the home. Rarely did people put much effort into designing modern garage doors and focused instead on the protection of the contents inside the garage such as a car or storage.

Decades ago, residential communities saw many one-car garages sitting at the end of driveways, and typically looked dilapidated and collapsing. Homes today have two or three bays and now people pay more attention to the usefulness of having a garage. That said, it did not take long for custom manufacturers to enter the fray, eager to gain a foothold in this emerging market. 

Since that time, the manufacturers started adding appealing additions to their designs with coach house garage door details like decorative braces and hardware. Trending designs into 2022 and 2023 evolved to include distinctive wooden doors, steel, fiberglass, and glass that match the unique design of the home. 

Fast forward to today, and the garage doors are much stronger than before, insulation helps keep them weathertight, and yes, their designs show a distinct character that sets the home apart from others in the neighborhood. 

 5 Creative Garage Door Ideas 

Modern garage doors tend to complement the home and become a key part of the exterior design. This makes sense because a garage door represents a sizable part of the home. The older, less-than-appealing designs of yesteryear paved the way for more ingenuity with the types of designs available for today’s garage doors.


Creative design pays heavy emphasis on the garage door colours used. That’s because colour combinations can make or break a design. The right colour can bring about a positive emotional response.

Window Placement 

Garage door window designs of today are saying goodbye to the old standard windows placed atop the door. While still immensely popular, designers changed things up by moving the windows to either side of the garage door. It adds a unique, eye-catching look that consistently gets a second take from those passing by. 

Glass Doors 

If you are looking for another way to bring more natural light into your garage, look into glass garage door options. Customization is are abundant with options for insulation, design patterns, and a range of colours to satisfy any taste. Plus, an aluminum frame encasing the glass provides safety and durability. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation is on everyone homeowner’s mind, so consider the universal R-value rating of insulation. In this case, a value of 10 or more works best. But that is not the only value to consider when choosing a new garage door. The U-value measures heat flow, and the lower the number, the better. Lower U-values represent greater energy efficiency. 

Modern Garage Door Design 

Trending more is the concept of minimalism. This creative design borrows a page from graphic design where properly spaced elements with sufficient spacing create a minimalistic design that appeals to many people.

The clean lines and sharp angles create a unique, eye-pleasing, creative garage door design. Customize the doors using materials such as glass, aluminum, and steel, with colors to perfectly match or blend in with your home and its surroundings. 


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