Garage Door Size Considerations for Ontario Homeowners

Garage Door Size Considerations for Ontario Homeowners


When it comes to selecting the right garage door, size matters. Garage doors play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle and belongings. They also add to the curb appeal of your home. However, choosing the right size door can be daunting, especially if you need help knowing where to start. Selecting the right garage door size for your Ontario home is easier than you think with help from the garage door experts at Dodds Garage Doors. Whether shopping for a new garage door, replacing old garage doors, or upgrading your existing garage door, we will guide you through everything you need to know about garage door sizes in Ontario.

What are the Standard Garage Door Sizes in Ontario?

Garage door size refers to the dimensions of a garage door opening. These dimensions include height, width, and headroom clearance—the space between the top of the door and ceiling. Garage door sizes vary widely depending on the type of vehicle you need to store and the available space. Generally, garage doors range from 8-foot wide single cars to 24-foot wide double car garages. The most common garage door sizes range from 8’ x 7’ up to 18’ x 8’. In addition to the standard sizes, other variations of garage door sizes are available, depending on your need. By measuring your space correctly before making a purchase decision, you can find your home’s ideal garage door size.

Single Car Garage Door Sizes

Single garage doors are an excellent option for those who need a small but secure space for their vehicle. Single doors typically measure 8 feet wide by 7 to 8 feet tall, making them ideal for smaller cars and SUVs. Don’t let the small size fool you; single car garages are an excellent choice for protecting your vehicle and providing extra storage space!  

Double Car Garage Door Sizes

Double car garages are an excellent option for those needing larger vehicle storage space. Double garage door types typically measure 16 feet wide and 7 to 8 feet tall, making them perfect for two smaller cars or one large SUV. Double garages can also provide additional storage space, depending on your need. So if you have more than one car or need extra storage space, double garages are an excellent choice!

Recreational and Larger Vehicle Garage Door Sizes

Larger garage spaces are becoming increasingly popular for those who own larger vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, and recreational vehicles, such as RVs and boats. These garage doors range between 16 to 20 feet, offering enough space to store various cars. So if you’re looking for a way to store larger vehicles while keeping them safe and secure, consider investing in a more oversized vehicle garage today!

Commercial and Custom Garage Doors

Other variations in size can include commercial or custom garage doors. Commercial garage doors come in various sizes to fit the needs of different businesses. Custom garage doors can be designed to fit unique sizing requirements or aesthetic preferences. There are also options for insulated garage doors, which can help you save money on energy costs. No matter your needs, there is likely a garage door size option out there that will accommodate them.

What Factors should be Considered When Choosing a Garage Door Size in Ontario?

When selecting the ideal garage door size for your home, you must consider factors such as dimensions, height and weight restrictions, available headroom clearance, the size of your vehicle, the equipment you desire to store, and any government restrictions. If you have a small car, you may get away with a single-car garage door that measures 8 feet wide by 7 feet high. You may need a double car garage door 16 feet wide by 7 feet tall for larger vehicles or more than one small car. If you have any special requirements, such as additional height for an SUV or extra width for large items, measuring the desired opening size and finding a custom option that meets those needs is important. Other considerations should be taken into account, such as storage space, what the garage will be used for, limitations or obstructions of the garage door, and any future expansion possibilities. Lastly, local building codes and standards, along with energy efficiency ratings, should be considered, as well as any price range or budget that may come into play.

Are there any Regulations or Guidelines for Standard Garage Door Sizes in Ontario?

A few regulations must be met for those in Ontario who want their garage door installed. Residential garages must have a minimum width of 8 feet and a minimum height of 7 feet. For commercial garage doors, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services requires all garage door sizes to be at least 10 feet wide with a minimum height of 8 feet.

According to the Building Code Act in Ontario, all residential garages must have at least one window with an area of 3.77 square feet or more located within 4 feet 11 inches of the floor level and headroom clearance of at least 6 feet 6 inches. Check local building code laws before deciding on a garage door size.

Are there benefits to Professional Garage Door Installation Services?

Once you have chosen the right garage door size, it’s important to have it installed and maintained correctly. Garage door professionals have the experience and skills necessary to install your garage door safely and efficiently without any issues. They will also advise on the best materials, inspect existing structures for structural integrity, and check building codes and restrictions. Ultimately, professional installation services can save time and money by ensuring the job is done right the first time while troubleshooting any problems you may encounter during or after installation.

If you are in the market for a new garage, let the experts ensure you get the appropriate garage door size that meets all your needs while staying within your budget. Call Dodds Doors today for a free quote at 1-844-278-2364.