Add your garage door to your spring cleaning ritual

Add your garage door to your spring cleaning ritual

Garage Door Spring Cleaning & Maintenance

As winter shows signs of coming to an end, Toronto area homeowners are starting to make plans to take on their annual spring cleaning projects. If you own a home with a garage, you may want to consider adding a garage cleaning to your list of projects. If you do this don’t forget to include the garage door in your spring cleaning action plan.

A thorough spring cleaning can help to declutter your garage space and also help with the maintenance of your garage door, opener and other parts that ensure smooth movement of your garage door.

Dodds Doors has provided four easy steps/tips to help you with your annual garage door cleaning & maintenance:

Step 1: Wash, clean & wax your garage door

Washing, cleaning and waxing your garage door annually extends its longevity and performance These steps also help guard against rusting, peeling, fading and chipping of the door sections. 

Pro Tip: 

Make sure you wax all surfaces of the garage door that may have been exposed to elements such as salt including the interior of the bottom section or panel of the door.

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Step 2: Lubricate your garage door mechanics

Lubrication is one of the most beneficial things you can do to maintain a garage door as it will reduce stress on all moving parts. The simple act of lubricating your garage hinges, bearings and rollers can extend the life of your unit and your need to buy a replacement garage door.  Use a high quality oil base lubricant such as Jigaloo or 3 in 1. Applying a spray lubricant is ideal when you want to coat overhead springs.

Pro Tip: 

While lubricating, the following checks should be done to ensure smooth functioning of the garage door: 

  • Confirm the sturdiness of the hinges
  • Check rollers for worn-out ball bearings, flattened rollers, and crooked rods
  • Examine tracks for premature wear and tear, loose bolts, and loose supports
  • Look for wear and tear especially near the pulleys and the lower support (corner bracket).

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Step 3: Check your weather stripping

Well maintained weather stripping along the bottom of your garage door plays an important role in keeping out weather elements, moisture, and rodents. When lubricating your garage door weather stripping, first clean it with an all-purpose household cleaner and a cleaning cloth. Next, lubricate your weather stripping to revive and protect it. In the case that your weather stripping is badly damaged you should consider replacing it.

Pro Tip: 

Use dielectric grease lubricant as it is known to soften and recondition rubber weather stripping that’s in the beginning stages of cracking or drying out.

Step 4: Check the safety features of your garage door opener

Test the auto-reverse safety feature every time you do your annual (or bi-annual) cleaning, to ensure it is operating safely. To avoid cable snap accidents and identify early signs of weak spots where the cable may eventually snap, take a look at your garage door opener cables to ensure that they aren’t twisted, fraying, or rubbing directly against any metal. Also, keep an eye out for any signs of rust or oxidation on the cables. If you notice any damage to the cables, contact a professional garage door specialist to have the cables replaced.

Treat your garage door as an important asset to your home, as it enhances your home’s curb appeal and value. Completing appropriate annual maintenance will ensure it operates smoothly and lasts longer. Asking a qualified & trusted Dodds Garage Doors service expert to perform a spring garage door tuneup including lubricating and adjusting your garage door is a great first step to get your home ready for the spring.

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