4 quick and easy ideas to decorate your garage door for Christmas

4 quick and easy ideas to decorate your garage door for Christmas


It’s the holiday season again, which means it’s time to indulge in the festivities and start decorating in the spirit of Christmas. When it comes to decorating your house for Christmas most people forget garage doors and only decorate their yard and entry doors. So this holiday season, the Dodds Doors team is here to inspire you with four quick and easy garage door decoration ideas to take your Christmas decoration up a festive notch.

1. Light it up with Christmas Lighting 

Lighten up your garage door with Christmas lighting

Christmas lights add colours and brightness to your garage door, making it more visually appealing.

Lights can be hung on the roof and gutter with the help of clips that can be pressed directly onto your home’s exterior via nails or adhesive stickers. These clips have a hook at the bottom that holds the light strings in place. You can easily find these clips at your local hardware store.

Electricians recommend not to place over 3 light strings end to end.

2. Frame your garage door with a Christmas garland

Framing garage door with garland

Credits @TheKimSixFix

Similar to lights, garlands can also be used to frame around your garage door. Adding a wonderful fresh green color to your Garage doors appeal. To add more Christmas colours red ribbons can be used to tie around the corners of the garland frame.

Depending on the size of your garage, you may need to use a few garland lengths to frame around your entire garage door.

3. Decorating Lanterns

Decorating Garage Door Lantern for christmas

Credits @kelleyprice

Adding a layer of teardrop swags to the base of your lantern is a quick and easy way to decorate for Christmas.

Additional ornaments, ribbons, and pinecones can be added to enhance the look of traditional swag for a fuller and layered look.

4. Put up a Wreath 

Christmas Garland for decorating garage door

Adding a tasteful holiday wreath to your garage door is a great way to decorate for Christmas.

A great place to add the wreath would be to add it on top of your house number/address plate. This will ensure that the movement of the garage door is not interrupted.

Things to consider while decorating your Garage Door

Be careful while implementing a DIY home decoration project. It is important to ensure that any decoration does not permanently damage your garage door. Here are some things to consider avoiding any damages to your Garage door while decorating for Christmas:

  1. Make sure to clean the surface of your garage door before you start decorating for a fresh appearance.
  2. Avoid using strong adhesives/ decorations that can destroy the surface of your door or its trim. Damaged trim around the garage door can compromise your insulation value.
  3. If you are going to use your garage door on a daily basis during the holidays, avoid hanging things in the way of your garage door’s track or mechanical elements. This ensures they don’t interfere with your door’s ability to move up and down.

Before you start decorating for Christmas, it’s a great time to book a preventative maintenance package for your Garage door to ensure smooth functioning smoothly through the holidays and the entire winter season. To arrange a preventative maintenance service, please contact Dodds 24 hour service hotline at 1-877-363-3711.


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