Is a Custom Garage Door Expensive?

Is a Custom Garage Door Expensive?


Pricing for a custom garage door varies because so much of the design depends on a homeowner’s preference, how they plan to use the garage, and its size.

Another overlooked factor when pricing custom garage doors is adding an opener sized correctly to operate the door safely.

Generally, the price for a basic 8′ x 7′ one-stall garage door with no insulation will start from $700 (CAD) but can be $20,000+ (CAD) for custom garage door sizes with insulation. The size of the door is a significant pricing factor.

A basic, non-insulated door installation is less costly than a large 16′ x 7′ two-stall garage door installed by a professional garage door technician, so keep this in mind when determining your options. Average costs for a basic, insulated 16′ x 7′ door falls between $1,100 (CAD) and $1,400 (CAD). Remember, each option adds to the final cost; for example, insulation is an option that adds to the price but has several benefits, such as keeping your home and garage warm in the winter.

On the high end, a custom hand-crafted wooden doors would require contacting the garage door company for a free estimate. The cost involves materials (such as steel, wood, etc.) and the custom work needed for unusual garages. When pricing these types of doors, always consider the required garage door maintenance to keep the exterior looking sharp by preventing warping and cracking. 

What is a Custom Garage Door?

Custom Garage Door


Imagine a home with a garage situated on an angle from the main entrance, for example. In this case, the home would require a custom garage door. Often, there are size differences that require an alternative approach to accommodate a home’s unique design. That’s why it’s essential to consider how the design is meant to enhance, retain, and even improve the garage’s original structural integrity. The garage door also accentuates the home’s exterior design while providing reliable functionality.

Custom garage doors provide flexibility for homeowners in choosing the type of door that’s right for them. Sometimes a custom-built, hand-crafted garage door designed primarily for one location makes the entire home look stylish with a character all its own. Only your imagination limits the designs available, and of course, the space allowance of your home. But modern designs such as a wicket door, a walk-through door within a garage door are ideal when space limitations do not allow room for a separate entry. 

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Door

A custom garage door provides more benefits than merely storing your car. For example, the gratifying feeling of completing that long-awaited project that adds a touch of elegance that increases the value of your home, which makes it a wise investment. Here are the top 5 benefits of purchasing a custom garage door:

1. Added Safety

A garage door provides a level of protection for your home, but modern doors have additional security features. Cameras with audio, smoke, carbon monoxide detection and parking assist upon entering with laser guidance, and temperature alerts can be installed by some garage door manufacturers. To help deter unwelcomed visitors, install motion-sensing lighting aimed at the top of your driveway. It’s an inexpensive way to add more security around your home. The light will alert you that someone or something is close to your home.

2. Energy Savings

As garage doors age, their energy-saving qualities diminish. A new, custom insulated garage door assures your home doesn’t waste heat. This also applies to detached garages, so it’s a good idea to consider all your energy-saving options.

3. Custom Look and Curb Appeal

What better way to show your design and style than with a custom garage door? A garage door shows off your personality, whether you’re traditional, modern, or country. If you’re already satisfied with your main entrance, you could design your new garage door to match the front door. For example, matching your front door’s architecture with grooved panels and insulated or frosted windows might be an option. Only your budget limits the customization options available.

4. Low Maintenance

A new door not only does a fantastic job of giving your home an instant makeover, but it also reduces the all-too-frequent upkeep that comes with maintaining an old garage door. 

An old door can’t hold up to years of constant abuse by the weather and will require more maintenance every year; fading and peeling paint leave the door looking old beyond its years. And squeaking hinges is a telltale sign of wear from years of use. When hinges wear out, the door’s weight causes the door to sag, causing a misaligned latch and lock mechanism. 

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