Need to Sell a Oakville Home Quickly? Here’s How to Get the Best ROI

Need to Sell a Oakville Home Quickly? Here’s How to Get the Best ROI

Need to Sell a Home Quickly in Oakville? Here’s How to Get the Best ROI

People who are selling their homes over the winter months are often “motivated sellers.”


If you can’t wait until the spring selling season, chances are good that you’re selling your home because you’re facing a lifestyle change of some sort. Maybe you have a new job and need to relocate. Or maybe an unexpected baby has you looking for more space.


No need to panic! The winter can be an underrated time to put your home on the market. Here is how to list your house and get the best possible return-on-investment for a quick sale.

Know the Market

It’s never quite ideal to sell your home over the winter, but all signs and statistics point to this being a good winter to do it.


This market is red hot right now. The housing supply in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Halton Hills is down in a big way, as new listings were down by 9.6% compared to October 2018. Meanwhile, sales are up 14% from the same time last year.


As a whole, Southern Ontario is seeing far more activity than it saw 12 months ago. The new housing regulation and mortgage stress test caused a market-wide slowdown. Now, a year later, experts are predicting tentative buyers will get off the sidelines and enter the game.


This means the winter months will likely continue to be a sellers’ market.

Prepare for More Tire-Kickers


Yes, there will be fewer actual serious shoppers this time of year. And, a lot of the interest you get may be from people who are just putting their toe in the water now for a more serious house hunt in the spring. Tire-kickers, if you will. They merely want to see what’s available and how the market is now.


So, the bad news is a lot of the traffic at your open houses will be less-than-serious buyers. The good news is the serious buyers will likely be laser-focused. They are likely also facing a lifestyle change and need to find a home before they start a new job, or the new baby arrives.


The serious winter buyers will want to get this deal done as quickly as you do, which could lead to less negotiating, a better price, and a quicker turnaround time.

Focus on High ROI Upgrades

You likely don’t have time for any major renovations like a finished basement or updating the kitchen. Also, you can’t really do much to the yard landscaping-wise this time of year. So, focus your energy and budget where you will see a real payoff.


Your best bet is almost always to start with garage door installation and repair in Oakville to give your home’s curb appeal an instant upgrade.


This is going to give you one of the best ROIs of any home improvement project, regardless of the time of the year. In fact, recent data shows that an upscale garage door will often give you an ROI of 97.5% or higher.


Whereas other upgrades such as updating the master bathroom or even adding an extra bathroom have a traditionally lower ROI. These projects can also stretch out over weeks or even months, which isn’t really an option for you right now.


A new garage door also has a tremendous emotional impact on your home. With so many garage doors to choose from in today’s marketplace, you can upgrade or change the exterior of your home in one night.


Also, don’t forget about the added R-value that a new insulated garage door can offer a home. Today’s homebuyer is looking for as much living space as possible. An insulated garage door would mean they could now use this space in all 4 seasons. This can be a big selling point for anyone looking to use the garage as a workshop, a home office, or even a gym or yoga studio.


If you want to know more about what an upgrade can do for your home, check out these frequently asked questions about garage doors to learn more. Adding a new door or opener can be easier and more affordable than you think.

Consider Home Staging

Yes, you will be competing against fewer houses on the market and you will likely be on just about every serious home-shoppers’ shortlist, given the supply.


However, you will still want to do everything you possibly can to position yourself at the top and stand above the rest. It could be in your best interest to bring in a professional stager to help you create an immediate wow-impression.


One way or another, you’re going to see a strong ROI. First of all, data shows that you can expect a better sale price for your home, which can range anywhere from 5%- 20%. However, more importantly, it has been proven to greatly decrease the time-on-market. One study showed staging the home could shorten the sales process from 140 days to 40 days.


When you’re in a rush to close the deal as quickly as possible, a home stager can take you from a showing to an offer much quicker. It could be money well spent.

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