What to Consider: Repair vs. Replacing an Old Garage Door

What to Consider: Repair vs. Replacing an Old Garage Door



Most suburban homes today have a garage attached, but owners of older homes in the Greater Toronto Area may convert the garage into extra storage space or have a detached garage with no electricity, it still breaks down with age and damage often goes unnoticed. In this case, the garage door is rarely used and moving parts will deteriorate over time, making it hard to open. 


New owners of an old home must decide if repairing the old garage door is worth the cost, or if replacing it is best. If a minor repair is required such as replacing a broken spring, then the problem can be resolved quickly. 


However, more repairs are inevitable and increase the cost of annual maintenance. Sometimes, replacing the old with a new garage door installation with modern features, insulation, and windows is a better investment. 


A Dodds garage door technician can show you which repairs are required to resolve a common garage door problem, and how urgent they are. The last thing you need is the worry if the next time you open the door it won’t open or gets stuck halfway. Then decide if the repairs warrant a replacement garage door with a new track and opener or if a repair will bring the door back to working condition. The technician will start by first looking at the cables and springs, then proceed to inspect the rest of the door’s components.  


The Benefits of Replacing an Old Garage Door


Here are the top benefits of replacing your old garage door with one that best suits your style.


  • Invest in Your Home 

A new garage door installation is an upgrade that boosts its curb appeal, and your neighbours will appreciate you replacing an unsightly old garage door.  

  • Less Maintenance 

A new garage door means a new warranty. You no longer have to deal with frequent repairs and wondering whether you’re able to get the car out of the garage in the morning. 

  • Save on Utility Costs

Consider maximizing the R-value of the new garage door’s insulation to at least R-16. This reduces heating and cooling costs, especially if you like to work in the garage year-round.

  • Additional Uses

A well-insulated and sealed door creates options like converting unused space into a seating area for entertaining, a play area for the kids, or a climate-controlled storage space. If you’re working from home, an attached or detached garage would make a great office or workshop.

  • Safety

An old garage door with a broken hinge or brittle window insert could make your home a target for a break-in since it’s an unsecured point of entry. A new, insulated door discourages thieves because of several security features. 


The Benefits of Repairing an Old Garage Door

In many cases, an old garage door only requires a minor repair. Here are the benefits of opting to have your garage door repaired by a professional technician:

  • Save Time and Money

It’s tempting to grab your tools and think to yourself you can repair that old garage door and make it work like new again — but it’s dangerous and you need to call a professional. Garage doors, especially old ones, require specific hardware and expertise to safely make the necessary repairs. 

  •  Convenience

Trusting your door repair to a specialist ensures a proper job in the least amount of time. You also don’t have to shop for the required parts. 

  •  Safety

A lack of maintenance and old age will cause an old door to become unsafe to use and you’re putting yourself and your family at risk of severe injury. It’s best to have the door repaired right away. 

  •  Quiet Operation

A proper garage door repair replaces the squeaky door sounds with a smooth, steady operation. 


Repairing vs Replacing an Old Garage Door


 Many homeowners find it difficult to decide whether to replace or repair their old garage door but the decision is usually driven by cost. 


By the time you need to consider either a repair or a replacement, many times a repair makes the most sense in the short term. 


Assess the operational health of the garage door by first looking at the springs to ensure they aren’t rusted and if the track is aligned. All garage door springs have a limited lifespan, and if your door isn’t balanced due to a weak spring, the garage door could fall if it’s lifted halfway up and released after disconnecting it from the operator, or it might sag on one side. If that happens, have the springs replaced by a technician with new (torsion or extension) springs immediately. If after the test the garage door seems in good shape, it’s possible the springs can last another year or more. 


If conduct regular garage door maintenance and have the springs lubed with white lithium grease regularly, you can extend their working life, but normal wear and rust are inevitable. By replacing the springs, you’re giving your door another 10,000 cycles or more before another replacement. 


Always have a professional replace or adjust the door springs. They have the right tools and experience to repair them. If the spring test fails or doesn’t leave you feeling confident that it will last, look at other areas of the door that contribute to the issues you’ve noticed. 


Noisy doors may be a sign of misaligned tracks or frayed cables. As you can see, mechanical problems can and will hasten the decision to repair the door or replace it with a new, modern door with added safety features. Increasingly frequent repairs are also a sign to strongly consider a replacement. 


A replacement garage door will always be more expensive but sometimes you won’t have a choice. New doors with a full factory warranty will cover any common repairs, but regular preventative maintenance is essential and should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. 


New garage doors can be customized to enhance the looks of your home and increase its value. This includes features available to protect your garage from the elements and intruders.


If you’re considering your options to replace your old garage door, then check out the Dodds Platinum Series of premium garage doors.