Pros and Cons of Garage Doors With Windows in the GTA: A Homeowner’s Guide

Pros and Cons of Garage Doors With Windows in the GTA: A Homeowner’s Guide


Considerations for Garage Doors With Windows in the GTA

Many homeowners in Ontario hope for a spacious garage for added convenience and privacy. But above all, a garage is an extra interior storage space and can substitute for a separate tool shed to stow away appliances, sports equipment, and more. If you participate in DIY home improvement projects, it may be a workspace for you to dabble in occasionally. If you tend to tinker with gizmos and gadgets in your garage more often than not, you probably want to be comfortable at all times. And that includes letting in natural light through your garage doors with windows!

Dodds is your local garage door company that offers professional garage door replacement and repair services. We are the GTA’s first-choice garage door service provider, operating for the last 65 years. We boast an impressive track record, as proven by being a Consumer Choice Winner and having been touted as the best garage door company for many years. Our expert and experienced team is well-equipped with the skillset, tactics, and know-how for installing garage door window panels, no matter the type.

We always advocate for our clientele and their preferences for aesthetic design by genuinely listening to their perspectives and offering long-lasting and effective solutions. And a garage door with windows is one of our areas of expertise!

What Is A Garage Door Window & Why Is It Useful?

A garage is no longer a lonely, decrepit space to hide your vehicle. Nowadays, modern garages provide all the facilities and amenities that make your space a more suitable environment for hobbies. For example, insulated garage doors help keep your space warm and cozy. Plus, lighting fixtures, motion sensors, and smart home systems make the whole area even more attractive. Last but not least, you can install garage doors with windows and customize them how you prefer.

Given all these modern conveniences, some homeowners have even transformed their garages into fitness gyms. Although you can opt for a generic unit, upgrading to garage doors with window panels could improve your garage space’s livability, making it more habitable.

Windows will allow you to shed more bright and natural sunlight. As a result, your garage space will have better light during the day. This illumination is better for your mental health, especially if you use that space as a workshop for handiwork.

One added advantage of a garage door with windows is that they are insulated and airtight. So if you already have insulated doors, the windows, too, will help maintain steady indoor temperatures. In doing so, your home’s HVAC system doesn’t have to overwork itself, as garage door window panels help improve energy efficiency and optimal room temperature.

Should you not have insulated units and the garage space is partly heated, your monthly utility bills will soar as your electricity consumption increases. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consider installing insulated garage doors. With windows if desired!

Best of all, a garage door with windows is a worthwhile investment as it can considerably boost your curb appeal and property value. A garage door comprises 33% of your house’s exterior design, influencing a prospective homebuyer’s purchase. We invite you to explore the many add-on features alongside garage door window panels by asking a professional contractor at Dodds to customize a solution based on your personal preferences and budget.

What are the Pros of a Garage Door With Window Units?

The team at Dodds won’t deny that garage doors with windows are in high demand. Thanks to the high-quality materials and various designs, the pros do outnumber the cons! But see for yourself!


  • Increase the amount of natural and direct sunlight in your garage/workshop
  • Provide better visibility and improved safety
  • Boost the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior design
  • Are insulated and back your home’s energy efficiency, resulting in lower monthly utility bills
  • Provide a more pleasant living environment
  • Deliver higher property or resale value


  • Lack of privacy unless tinted or frosted
  • Safety and security concerns if you opt for low-quality glass material for your window panes
  • Potential safety hazard (accidental glass breaks)
  • Need to put effort into routine maintenance, including cleaning the windows of debris and dust
  • Depending on which window style and material you choose, repairs and replacements may be expensive and difficult to do

We will be honest about some of the concerns our customers have shared, which is why we only sell and install quality materials. But some of the cons will also depend on your willingness to commit to garage door maintenance.

Types Of Window Materials We Offer at Dodds

Having weighed the pros and cons, here are also some window materials and styles to choose from.

  • Single pane, double pane: Single-pane units are affordable and lightweight. But they may not serve as much in terms of insulation and noise reduction. Furthermore, they might not be ideal for the Canadian climate. On the other hand, double-pane windows will fix these flaws and hold up against extreme weather conditions.
  • Insulated or non-insulated: If you opt for single panes, they will not be insulated. However, you can benefit from the quality of insulated windows if you opt for double panes. These units have gas fills in between the panes that provide insulating properties. They are ideal if you have a heated garage and, at the same time, want daylight to peek through the window.
  • Clear, Frosted and Tinted, Pinhead: No matter if you choose singles or doubles, you may ask for clear, frosted, or tinted windows. Pinhead textured glass is another cost-effective alternative that protects privacy and also lets in natural light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors With Windows

Do Garage Doors With Windows Add Value?

Yes–a garage door window can help increase your property’s curb appeal as it will stand out to a prospective homebuyer. The resale value of your home will also increase. When considering a brand-new garage door installation service, feel free to check with our team about the wide variety of options available.

How Do Garage Door Windows Help To Maintain Room Temperature?

Garage doors with windows are typically insulated systems that help ensure the temperature of your garage is steady. You should not experience any air leaks, especially not if that space is partly heated by your furnace. Generally, garage door window panels help improve your home’s overall energy efficiency.

What Is The Standard Height For Garage Windows?

This depends on the garage door window type and material, but on average, they are approximately 13″ or 15″ high and 19″, 41″, or 43″ long.

Dodds Doors Will Shed Light Into Your Decrepit Garage—Inquire About Garage Doors with Windows Today!

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