Selling a Home in Aurora? Start By Updating the Garage Door

Selling a Home in Aurora? Start By Updating the Garage Door

Selling a Home in Aurora? Start By Updating the Garage Door

The Aurora area’s once-red-hot housing market has cooled off significantly over the last couple of years. In April of 2017, the average home sold for almost $1.27 million, but by April 2019 that number was down to $888,387; a 30% drop.

To be fair, 2017 was a year in which we saw unprecedently high prices across Ontario (particularly the GTA and Southern Ontario) that were actually too good to be true for home sellers. You could start a bidding war by simply putting a ‘For Sale’ sign in your front yard.

But, in 2019’s real estate market, we’re facing what some have called the Return to Sanity. This means your home will no longer sell itself. You will have to put in a bit of work to sell a home in Aurora.

If you’re looking to sell or flip a home, updating your garage door can give you one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project.

Here’s why.

More Insulation and Lower Utility Bills

We’re extremely proud to say that we’ve been Aurora’s source for garage door openers for 60 years because we live here. We know what winters are like in this area and we know what your garage door has to stand up to.

Our winters are cold and wet, which is why we offer many different garage door styles and a wide variety of insulated garage doors.

An insulated garage door has much higher R-value than traditional garage doors, which means it’s going to do a far better job keeping the cold air outside where it belongs. This also means that your home’s HVAC system isn’t going to have to work nearly as hard to heat any of the rooms that share a wall with your garage, or the actual garage itself.

Today’s homebuyers want energy efficient homes and lower utility bills. In fact, 70% of polled real estate agents and brokers said that promoting energy efficiency in home listings is either very or somewhat valuable. Another 81% said that utility/operation costs were the top-ranked feature that today’s homebuyer is looking for.

More Living Space

Today’s buyer is also looking to get the absolute most from their budget, which may mean they’re looking to add a bit more living space by using the garage as an extra room.

They may be looking to use the garage as a home office, a home gym, yoga studio, or playroom. They may even be looking to use the loft area above the garage as a guest bedroom.

You simply cannot reasonably use your garage throughout all 4 seasons of the year in Aurora without an insulated garage door. Otherwise, you will be paying extraordinary utility bills to keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. All of your climate control will literally leak outside through the door.

Insulated garage doors are a lot more affordable than you think. We can show you how to squeeze more usable space out of your garage with an energy-efficient and insulated garage door. We can also show you how to add more natural light (and free heat) to this space with some well-placed windows in the door.

More Curb Appeal

In a buyer’s market, first impressions and curb appeal are more important than ever. If a would-be buyer is scrolling through online listings, you want the front of your home to jump out at them and make them want to see it in person.

This is another reason why a garage door has such a high ROI. You can dramatically update and improve your home’s front façade with a new and stylish garage door. Now, take this a step further by adding some new colours around the door on your accents and trim.

Or, you can go in a completely new direction and mix things up with a bold and distinctive coach house style door to add a classic and high-end look to your home façade.

You can easily combine a new garage door with some other inexpensive upgrades, such as swapping out your home’s exterior light fixtures, plants, and mailbox.

More Safety

A new garage door opener can also add a new level of safety to your home, which is important to homebuyers with families.

Today’s modern, Wi-Fi-enabled garage door openers allow you to remotely monitor any garage door activity. This means you can be notified at work when someone is trying to enter your home. Or, you can check in to make sure your kids arrived home safely from school.

You can also use this technology to turn your phone into your garage door opener. This means you no longer have to wonder, “Did I remember to lock the garage” when you’re out at work or out of town. You can check the status via the mobile app, and lock/unlock your door with the push of a button.

This technology also has numerous other benefits, like being able to let the dog walker in remotely when you’re not at home, or opening the garage door to receive a package.

Ready to Talk About a New Garage Door?

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