Tips on buying a new garage door

Tips on buying a new garage door

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If you are like most people, you have never gone through the process of purchasing a new garage door for your home and are not sure where to start. Hopefully we can help you by offering a few pointers that will enable you to be better prepared to make a decision that you will be living with for quite a few years.

  • SELECT A DEALER –  It is important to select a contractor that will do the job to your satisfaction.  See how long the company has been in business and check out their reviews online. Like any industry there are some really good contractors out there and unfortunately there are also a fair amount of fly-by-night companies that best be avoided.


  • SELECT A MATERIAL – There are several materials available for garage doors which include steel, wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Steel has become the most popular because it is maintenance free, well priced and has a large selection of styles to choose from. There are even steel doors that look so much like wood doors that it is hard to tell the difference. Real wood garage doors are not nearly as common as they were in the past but there are areas of the city where a wood door does suit the neighborhood. Fiberglass and aluminum doors can be very appealing but they do cost a fair amount more than a typical steel garage door.


  • SELECT A QUALITY – There is a wide variety of qualities when it comes to garage doors. If you plan to live in the home at least a few years, make sure you select a door that has good quality hardware that will not wear out. Cheaper quality hardware usually affects the lifespan of the door and can result in costly repairs over time. Generally speaking a good quality door will hold up better and look better for years.


  • SELECT A DESIGN – The garage door business has certainly evolved over the years and there is so much more to choose from. The traditional raised panel garage door is still very popular with our customers but the coach house garage door, which looks like an old fashion door with hinges on the outside, has become a staple in our product line. Modern garage doors are now the new big thing. There are flush garage doors, ribbed doors, all glass garage doors, garage doors with windows down the side, and so much more. One thing that you will notice when choosing a garage door is how many window options exist. Windows have become a style option but can add to the cost.


  • SELECT A COLOUR –  This sometimes can be the tricky part as there is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting a colour. Everyone has their own personal taste. For many years our customers often preferred to match up the front door with the garage door colour. We still often see this, but many designers now suggest to their clients that the garage door and the front door do not need to match and they might want to make the front door the focal point by making it a more vibrant colour. There are more garage door colours available now than ever before and if need be, you can even get custom colours if you are willing to pay a premium. Garage doors can be painted after-market but be very careful to do it properly because if it doesn’t hold, you will have a mess on your hands. Also, it’s important to know that if you do paint your door, the warranty will no longer be valid on the door face.

Have fun with you garage door buying experience, and keep in mind that not all garage doors are created equal. If you choose the right one there’s a good chance it will be the last one that you will ever need