The Pros and Cons of Top Garage Door Styles

The Pros and Cons of Top Garage Door Styles


When you bought your home, the garage door looked fantastic and coordinated nicely with its other surroundings. But garage door styles have changed, and it’s time for you to keep up with the times.

Finding a garage door company that respects your home’s appearance and functionality is an essential part of any garage door replacement. That’s why making a change to your garage door plays a role in how well your home functions years from now. 

The curb appeal of your home influences how you and others feel about your home, so a worn-out and/or outdated garage door can become an eyesore, and a security risk. In fact, 55% of homeowners use the garage door as their home’s main entryway, according to a study by Chamberlain Group

There are many things to consider when replacing your garage door, especially if you to stay in the home for a long time. Below, we review the pros and cons of different residential garage door styles to give you a better understanding of the best garage door options available in 2021.

The Top Garage Door Styles

Today’s garage doors styles border on statement pieces that reflect the personality of the homeowner. It’s also a great investment because when compared to other home renovations, a new garage door yields the highest return on investment (97.5%) when you sell your home, according to a survey by Remodeling Magazine.

The reliability of garage doors has also come a long way thanks to advancement in manufacturing — so no matter the look, you can be sure the new garage door will withstand the battering from the elements year after year. 


1. Modern/Contemporary

A modern garage door means you can select from a range of choices like full glass or faux-wood exteriors and even a rollup design or shutter-style doors. The options available are only limited by your imagination.


2. Traditional

Traditional garage doors have a steel-raised maintenance-free panel design, and available in non-insulated or insulated. This timeless, sought-after garage door that looks great in any neighborhood.


3. Coach House

Coach house garage doors are ideal for rural or suburban homes, and their durability means it stands the test of time without the need for frequent garage door maintenance. Steel coach house doors are available in various designs, including short or long panels. 

4. Dodds Platinum Series

With over 60 years of experience in garage door sales, Dodds created a line of premium garage doors with superior insulation that reduces your home’s utility bills, a large selection of colours, upgraded hardware, and of course, the best warranty in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Pros and Cons of the Top Garage Door Styles

With so many options, choosing a style for your next garage door can be difficult. That’s why you need to do your research to learn more about the features and limitations of each.

However, all garage doors have a lifespan — garage door opens and closes 3 to 5 times per day,  which is approximately 1,500 times per year.

Below are the pros and cons of each garage door style to help in your search.



  • Specially made for our Canadian customers
  • Several options to suit any taste
  • Upgraded hardware standard for the quietest operation
  • Customization available


  • Most expensive style
  • Possible sealing limitations with uneven driveways
  • Drywall can complicate installation



  • Traditional steel design is our most popular door
  • Available in short/long panel, recessed panel, or our attractive shaker designs
  • Maintenance-free, worry-free operation for years to come while keeping its appearance and functionality
  • Insulated and non-insulated options
  • Even with a traditional steel door, there is still a wide selection of styles and designs to customize your garage door


  • Standard hardware such as rollers, etc. 
  • Some limitations with customization
  • Possible sealing limitations with uneven driveways

Coach House Doors


  • Specially designed for rural and suburban area homes
  • Decorative hardware adds a touch of elegance
  • Designs available to match your home and its unique characteristics
  • Customize for height and width, including double doors
  • Flush or recessed window designs


  • Because of the many design choices, finding the perfect coach house doors for your home might take a little longer than other garage door styles
  • installation limitations (i.e., drywall)




If you’re a Toronto-area homeowner in the market for a new garage door, then Dodds has you covered. Since 1958, Dodds has provided the highest quality garage doors for Canadians with friendly and professional service.

Dodds has also been recognized as the best garage door company in Toronto for over 20 years by Consumer Choice. 

Our experienced technicians can also provide quick installation.

While our modern, traditional, and coach house garage doors are crafted to the highest standards, our Dodds Platinum Series is guaranteed to enhance the curb appeal of your home for years to come with designs you won’t find anywhere else.

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