4 Trending garage door designs to boost your curb appeal this 2022

4 Trending garage door designs to boost your curb appeal this 2022

Trending garage door designs

A garage door can be an important part of your home’s exterior and installing a new one can definitely boost your home’s value. If you are looking to upgrade your garage door in 2022, consider one of these trending garage door designs to boost your home’s curb appeal and deliver a solid return on your investment.

These 4 trending garage door designs from Dodds would dazzle your neighbours and help your home outshine while keeping up with the trends:

Glass Garage Doors

All glass garage doors offer some of the most eye catching design options for homeowners.  In addition to a contemporary design aesthetic, these doors let in lots of natural light making them more pleasant spaces inside and out. It’s not surprising that many homeowners and builders are incorporating framed glass garage doors into home structures other than garages such as pool houses, coach houses and backyard sheds.

The doors come in a range of glass options to provide varying degrees of security and privacy.  Glass garage doors are one of the many modern garage door styles offered by Dodds Doors and look great in GTA neighbourhoods with lots of modern homes including Rosedale, Forest Hill, Leaside, and Thornhill.

*Tip – while they look beautiful, glass garage doors do not offer the same insulation properties of other doors styles. This may not be the best choice of door if you do not get much daytime exposure to the sun which provides passive solar heat.  At the very least it may be wise to upgrade your glass to an option that provides the highest possible R value. 


Plank Windows Down One Side

If you are seeking to give your garage door and home a more modern, contemporary look you should consider choosing a style of garage door that includes plank windows stacked vertically down one side of the door.  In recent years, garage doors with plank windows have become increasingly popular with Toronto homeowners.  Depending on the orientation of your home you may choose to place them on the left or the right-hand side of your garage door. 

You should also consider that there are a wide variety of glass options for your garage door windows including clear, frosted, and tinted.

Wood Tone Garage Doors

For many years, solid wood and wood core garage doors were the standard. How in addition to being heavy and poorly insulated they required significant maintenance.

Fortunately, newer, wood-tone garage door options that are made using steel materials offer homeowners a lightweight option as well as in-door insulation providing improved R-value insulation. The result is a beautiful looking door that comes in a range of styles and keeps your garage and home warmer.

Coach House Garage Doors

Coach House garage doors sometimes referred to as Carriage House garage doors are a classic design that looks great in both urban and rural settings. They are excellent garage door choices for more traditional Toronto neighbourhoods as well as recreational cottages and homes found in Muskoka, Haliburton, Lake Simcoe, Kawarthas, Barrie and Collingwood.  

Dodds Garage Doors offers a broad range of Coach House garage doors including panel and shaker designs.


While trends come and go, investing in a new garage door remains one of the best investments you can make in your home, delivering a 94% return on investment.  

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