What is Considered a Modern Garage Door

What is Considered a Modern Garage Door

The variety of modern garage doors seems to grow every year. There are many types of garage doors available in 2021, from sectional types to familiar canopy style doors, Depending on style and function, each has characteristics that contribute to the look and feel of your home.
Consider the intended use of the garage door space. For example, if it will only be used as a parking space, and storage, you likely don’t need an insulated garage door.
Check out insulated modern garage doors if you want a warm environment for an extra room, workshop, or home office. Insulated doors without glass panels for added security would work best.
The type of door, you choose, modern or not, will have a significant impact on your home’s exterior appearance. Your garage door accounts for a sizable part of the front of your home, so taking the time to make the best choice will pay dividends for many years.
Among the most popular modern garage door styles, up-and-over doors and sectional doors remain at or near the top of the list. It’s not just the type of door, but also the materials that create an exceptional design. Wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass are some of the most popular materials used today.
Sectional doors remain the most popular modern garage door because of their proven reliability and range of design options. They’re also known for their energy-efficiency properties for added value
A key difference between sectional and up-and-over garage doors is that sectionals need space in the ceiling, while up-and-over doors open outward first, requiring space in front of the door during operation.

What is Considered a Modern Garage Door

Today’s modern garage door styles show a unique evolution of timely design, which includes strong, fundamental design principles, without excessive or unnecessary decorations.
Efficient design with a streamlined look and clean, sharp lines defines today’s modern garage doors. They tend to have neutral colours such as black, white, beige, and gray, to name a few. That’s because minimalistic designs allow the garage door to draw the eye and become the envy of the cul-de-sac.
Modern garage doors have flat panels in contrast to raised architectural style panels found on more traditional doors.
Garage door windows framed in aluminum, grouped, and placed vertically on the left or right side of the door make up many designs, while some modern garage door designs have no windows at all. Traditional doors with similar design elements may have raised and carved panels with internal design patterns.
In keeping with the minimalistic design approach, you will find that modern garage doors will not have fancy hinges or door pulls that take away from the design aesthetic. The focus is on long-term operational efficiency instead of an ornate appearance.

Top Modern Garage Door Styles of 2021

When considering the style of a modern garage door for your home, many people think of existing, older-style doors because of their familiarity. However, technology, new designs, and energy efficiency all play a key factor for consideration as a top modern garage door in 2021.
Sectional garage doors still are the most popular choice because they’re reliable and inexpensive when compared to others. There’s no reason not to choose this type of door, and with fresh designs gaining popularity, it can become a beautiful addition to your home.
We’ve listed the top 3 modern garage door styles of 2021 you should consider for your next door:

Plank Garage Door

Modern Wooden Plank Garage Door

Plank doors are highly regarded for their unique lines and solid wood appearance. They have cedar planks running horizontally across the door, outfitted with vertically placed windows on one side, or horizontally across the top.
Often, tinted windows complete the plank garage door’s design. The planks are attached to steel plates for security and strength, providing an elegant finish. Choose between solid cedar planks or a faux wood plank door that closely resembles genuine wood.

Full-View Glass Garage Door

Full View Modern Garage Door
If you require natural light inside your garage, a popular choice this year and beyond is a contemporary full-view glass garage door. They make these out of aluminum with frosted, clear, or tinted glass.
The days of drab-looking aluminum are long gone thanks to the addition of optional dark bronze or powder coat paint, among others. Keep in mind, the type of glass used in the garage door windows must have the highest insulation value possible.

Steel Garage Door

Modern Steel Garage Door
In areas of the country with significant temperature swings, the need for insulated steel garage doors will never go out of style. Insulated steel doors use polyurethane insulation in layers to provide the best protection from scorching hot or freezing days all year long. Stabilize the garage temperatures instead of uncomfortable fluctuations that can damage items stored in the garage. Door insulation combined with your existing carport insulation will keep the space enjoyable. In addition to their insulating qualities, steel doors also provide a higher level of security.


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