FAQ – Front Doors

FAQ – Front Doors

Here are a few questions that we are commonly asked!

How much does a front entry door cost?

A front entry door can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 or more depending on the size of the opening, configuration (single, double, sidelites, transom), amount and type of glass as well as the door panel options all affect the cost of your new door system.  For an exact quote please schedule a consultation with one of our entry door experts (link to appointment page) or check out our pricing page for some typical rages for single doors.

What are the popular front door styles nowadays?

The front door is a homeowner’s opportunity to express themselves. While many people prefer a door that matches other features such as windows and garage doors, it is more common to see a Front Door that stands out as a feature at the front of the property.   When replacing doors many homeowners want to add light to the home, add a decorative flare or go with a more contemporary look.  Our front door experts can guide you though the style choices including colours, textures, glass and door panel options.

Do I need to replace my Front Door?

Like other components of a home, it is important to have a front door that operates well, provides security, provides protection from the environment and for many homeowners looks beautiful and adds to the curb appeal of the property. If you are having any problems with your front door, please book a free inspection with an entry door expert (link to appointment page).

How long does a Front Door Last?

Due to the abundance of low-quality builder grade doors in new construction many doors today are lasting only 8-10 years and even less in some cases. Quality replacement doors are made with better materials to resist warping, frame movement, rotting and wear and tear on components like weather stripping.  A high-quality door installed correctly can last the life of your home with minimal maintenance.

Do Dodds Front Doors require maintenance?

In general, painted steel and fiberglass doors with vinyl-clad frames need little maintenance beyond basic cleaning with mild detergent and periodic inspections for damaged weather stripping. Wood-grain doors and frames with stained finishes will need periodic re-finishing depending on the exposure to the sun, water and wind.

Should I have a multipoint lock on my Front Door? What are the advantages?

Dodds Front Doors are available with multi-point locking systems for customers who are looking for added security. By having three points of locking homeowners can rest assured that an attempted break-in is unlikely to be successful.  Multi-point locks are recommended for double door systems where there is a natural weak point in the center.  For single doors and doors with sidelites there is a metal security plate built into the frame to enhance the security of a single deadbolt, for this reason many customers do not feel a multipoint lock is necessary.

My current door is cold and drafty, will a new Dodds Door fix the problem?

Dodds Entry Door systems are designed for the frame and panel to work together sealing out drafts. With a proper sealing compression weather stripping and foam insulated door panels, door drafts are a thing of the past.

Can I match my Garage and Front Doors?

Depending on the particular style desired for your home, you can find front doors that match or complement the style of your garage door. While it is not possible to exactly match colours on different materials such as textured steel, smooth steel, fiberglass or vinyl, you can select colours that are a close match to enhance the beauty of your home.  Alternatively, many homeowners want a contrasting colour making the Front door the main feature at the front of the home.