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Residential & Commercial Aurora Garage Door Services—Installation, Repair, and Emergency Services

Most of us envision our dream home with a driveway garage in which we can park our prized vehicles. But a garage is more than just for showboating; it also serves as a work area for your at-home DIY projects, a storage area for your personal belongings, and even as a security mechanism offering extra protection by warding off suspicious intruders on your property. But what is a garage without robust Aurora garage doors to bolster your home’s safety and security? 

Many Ontario homeowners may haphazardly assume that just any generic garage door will do, but that’s not necessarily the case, as you have the option of customizing your door based on your preferences for materials from natural wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel to selecting how the entryway opens and closes including sectional, roll-up, slide to the side, side hinged, tilt up the canopy and tilt up retractable. To top it all, you can decide on the finish and color and even add on features such as windows, insulation, and other hardware to accompany the door, such as Smart Home systems and surveillance cameras that connect to your smartphone and burglar alarm.

Install a new garage door, Aurora! Choose Dodds – the #1 rated garage door company in the GTA

Dodds is the GTA’s largest and most renowned garage door company, with over two thousand positive reviews. We have served countless residential and commercial property owners for over 65 years. When you choose our company, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get high-quality garage doors, hardware, and service. We have everything to meet your needs and preferences. From traditional to modern garage door styles and types, Dodds is the name to trust.

Residential Garage Doors in Aurora

Homeowners truly appreciate the significance of their garage doors when they suddenly malfunction. These doors play a crucial role in safeguarding valuable vehicles and personal possessions, shielding them from the elements and potential theft. Additionally, enhancing the energy efficiency of your home can lead to reduced utility bills. At Dodds, we offer our customers a remarkable array of garage door models designed to protect their belongings while also elevating the overall aesthetic of their residences.

Do you own a townhouse or a standalone property that needs a reliable system to protect your vehicles? Here are our popular Aurora garage door types for residential homes:

Commercial Garage Doors in Aurora

You may not always notice them, but commercial garage doors are all around us, whether in apartment complexes or underground parking facilities. Due to their constant usage, these doors endure more wear and tear compared to their residential counterparts. Moreover, customers rely on these doors to keep their vehicles secure, providing them with peace of mind in their daily lives. Consequently, it’s imperative for business owners to prioritize regular repairs and routine maintenance for their commercial garage doors in Aurora. Dodds provides prompt and dependable services for our commercial clients, along with a variety of replacement options. We also offer 24-hour emergency services, so if a garage door in Aurora experiences a breakdown, we are ready to assist in restoring its functionality.

Commercial clients can learn more about our commercial systems, including:

Garage Door Maintenance Services

The best way to prevent unexpected repair needs is through scheduling regular maintenance services. At Dodds, we offer reliable preventative maintenance to make sure your home’s garage door is always in excellent condition and working order. This way, you can avoid requiring emergency repairs during the worst time. As a recurring Consumer Choice Winner for the best garage door company in the GTA since 2000, we are incredibly proud and honored to be serving our loyal clients.

Why Must A Homeowner Replace Or Repair The Garage Door?

If your unit opens and closes in fits and starts by opening a few inches and then slamming down again, it indicates a malfunction within your garage door system. Other telltale signs that highlight that your garage door is broken include a misaligned door, which seems to be crooked due to being off its sliding track, dangling cables due to broken springs, and, of course, any discolored rust and corrosion on any of the door’s components such as the hinges. Sometimes, the problem with the garage door may be more technical, such as a dead battery in the garage door remote, which is causing a glitch in how the remote transmits a signal for the door to open and close on demand. Still, it could also be the case that your door has jammed in the thick of a cold winter in Ontario as temperatures drop well below zero. If anything, by opting for high-quality Aurora garage doors, you will slim to none need frequent garage door replacement and repairs. Aurora homeowners are best advised not to be complacent about a busted garage door as apart from affecting your personal safety issues, a faltering door can buckle and even strike someone accidentally due to its instability. Plus, you also remain more vulnerable to potential thieves and vandalism as random intruders gain access to your tools, vehicles, and furniture due to the door not fully closing. Moreover, your home’s energy efficiency will plummet as your indoor living spaces become more susceptible to lackluster air circulation and fluctuating temperatures. That’s because your heating and cooling system has to work extra hard to cool down and heat your home. By relying on a service technician from Dodds Doors for an Aurora garage door repair, replacement, or maintenance service, you can rest assured that the gateway to your home won’t malfunction anytime soon.

Aurora Garage Door Repair Services

Common garage door issues that we handle include the following:

Sluggish, Slow, or Stuck Door

Surprisingly, many Aurora residents fail to perform proper upkeep for their garage doors through routine maintenance, for example, by lubricating all components, including tracks, brackets, and hinges, which streamline their garage system. This results in a slowly opening sesame or one that doesn’t budge at all. By failing to oil up these key components, you are more likely to need more frequent repairs, for example, from broken tension springs.

Odd And Loud Noises

If your garage door, Aurora property owners must note, makes loud grinding sounds as it opens and closes; it could be due to a damaged torsion spring, which also needs to be lubricated. If, however, there is a squeaking sound, it could be due to a loose roller or hinge that can be lubed up.

Consistent Jams

A stuck garage door is not only due to faulty and broken components, such as a loose hinge, but also to malfunctioning infrared sensors, explaining why your garage door tends to stop mid-way. A glitchy sensor is usually due to a blockage from accumulated dust and debris, loose electrical wiring, and just poor-quality sensors.

Randomly Opens And Closes

If you find that the garage door opens and closes at a moment’s notice, it could be due to a shortage in the circuit board. That is if the wire that runs from the motor unit to the mounted wall control can have a short circuit, which causes the door to open and close on its own accord.

We understand that unexpected breakdowns happen, which is why we’re available 24/7 for any repair repairs.

Benefits Of A Brand-New Aurora Garage Door Installation

Improved Safety And Security

For many Aurora homeowners, a garage is mandatory rather than optional, as it provides extra protection, privacy, and convenience to accommodate your busy and on-the-go lifestyle. Safety is paramount for an Aurora garage door, and its ability to be fully functional is highly dependent on the door’s photo eye sensors, which can detect movement under the garage entryway and open and close as needed. For example, if the sensor happens to be triggered by a person or animal running beneath it, it will automatically transmit the signal for the garage door to halt and reverse itself in offer, not only the best-priced garage doors in the opposite direction.

Boost Energy Efficiency

If not for the recent rise in the cost of living and inflation, you are only hurting yourself by not getting your garage door fixed. If anything, an effective garage door serves as an extra layer of insulation that mitigates heat transfer between the exterior and interior of your home, allowing you to maintain optimal room temperature. If your garage door happens to be badly punctured from hairline cracks, fractures, and small holes, it will result in unstable and uncomfortable temperatures for your living spaces. Plus, if you add extra spray foam insulation from an insulation services provider, you’ll readily reduce your electricity consumption and monthly utility bills.

Increase Property Value And Curb Appeal

For prospective homeowners, regardless of whether they are first-time home buyers or not and whether they are opting for a pre-owned or newly built property–a garage door makes a first strong impression. At the end of the day, it’s all about aesthetic appeal, so anyone will judge the rest of the interior design based on how neat, tidy, and organized it is with Aurora garage doors. Plus, a garage door, Aurora clientele must note, is a worthwhile investment as it will recover its resale value up to 94%. Plus, the quality of construction of the Aurora garage door makes a big difference based on features such as insulation, thicker steel, and windows, so feel free to splurge as you are bound to recover the costs.

Why Dodds Garage Doors Is The Astounding Choice For Aurora Garage Door Services

At Dodds Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on being the topmost and accredited services provider in the Greater Toronto Area by offering superior products and services, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding customer satisfaction. Our impressive track record speaks for itself as we have been in operation for the last 65 years and are touted as the finest and first-class residential garage door company. Our garage door professionals are trained to the highest of industry standards and are well-equipped with the skillset, techniques, and know-how for repairing or replacing a garage door. We genuinely take the time to listen to your client’s viewpoints by offering authentic and long-lasting solutions for an Aurora garage door. Aurora homeowners will discover that they will vote with their dollars as we have been voted Toronto’s best-rated garage door company for business excellence by the official Consumers Choice Award for 2023.

Operating Since 1958

Dodds Garage Doors has been providing residential and commercial garage doors and garage door openers for customers since 1958.

We believe in local service with locations across the Greater Toronto Area, from Burlington and Mississauga to Oshawa and Whitby. Dodds vouches for a wide range of manufacturers, including Dodds Doors, Richards-Wilcox Doors, CHI Doors, Garaga Garage Doors, Clopay Garage Doors, Steelcraft, LiftMaster Garage Door Openers, Chamberlain Garage Door Openers, TNR High-Speed Doors, roll-up garage doors, among many other overhead door companies. Our styles include Traditional Garage Doors, Modern Garage Doors, and Coach House Garage Doors.

Dodds offers not only the best-priced garage doors but also unmatched garage door installation service. Dodds has been announced as the Consumers Choice Winner for best garage door company in the GTA since 2000. This is further backed by Dodds Garage Doors’ number 1 position with over 2000 positive reviews. Keep an eye out for any upcoming garage door sales!

Not only are we the largest retrofit residential garage door company in Aurora and surrounding areas, but also the most reliable garage door repair and garage door opener repair business. Our expert technicians are long-tenured employees who value their customers’ well-being and comfort. Our service technicians do not receive a commission like you see in other companies. This means we do not upsell, but we only recommend work that needs to be done. Got a broken garage door spring or cable? Dodds will have it fixed quickly at a fair price.

Dodds has garage door installation and service locations near you across the GTA, including Ajax, Aurora, Burlington, Bolton, Brampton, Concord, Cooksville, Etobicoke, Georgetown, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener, Markham, Mississauga, Milton, Newmarket, North York, Maple, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Scarborough, Streetsville, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Toronto, Unionville, Vaughan, Whitby and Woodbridge.

FAQs About Garage Doors | Aurora, ON

How Do I Know If My Garage Door Is Misaligned?

One way to diagnose the issue of your garage door sensors being out of alignment is to check to see if the exterior LED light blinks if you attempt to close the door. For example, if the light beams are green, it indicates the sensors are functioning, but if it’s red, it means the sensors are not aligned.

When Replacing A Garage Door, Do You Need To Replace The Track?

Yes, more often than not, it’s best practice to replace the garage door tracks alongside the door itself, as the tracks help to keep the door securely fastened and upheld in position. By forgoing any replacement of the tracks, you are more likely to notice the hinges, cables, and rollers wear out more readily. Plus, if you are installing a brand-new Aurora garage door, even if it’s the same brand as your old door, you still need to replace the tracks as the previous tracks may not necessarily fit with the new garage door. Aurora clients should note that the difference in thickness and weight can become a deciding factor in which type of track your garage door needs, so your best bet is to ask a professional technician how to proceed.

Do I Have to Pay for an On-Site Consultation?

No, our consultations come at no charge; they are genuinely free. We are dedicated to providing our customers with valuable insights and advice without any strings attached or additional costs. We place a high value on transparency, ensuring that residents have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their garage doors.

When you arrange for an on-site estimate with us, our team will visit your property, inquire about your specific requirements and preferences, and offer expert recommendations for the most suitable Aurora garage door options for your location. Following the evaluation, we will present a transparent, upfront pricing structure that is competitive in the market. This way, you’ll have a clear understanding of the costs before any work commences.

Do Garage Doors Need To Be Greased?

Yes–lubrication is required to keep the door working smoothly and properly like a well-oiled machine and must be done at the very least annually to keep your Aurora garage door in good condition. Regular maintenance, including lubrication, will prolong the time between any garage door repairs and replacements.

Very happy with our choice of Dodds Garage doors in Aurora. The doors look great. The installer did a great job installing them. Dodds arrived right on time, answered any questions and did a great job with the install. I would definitely give them 5 out of 5.

- Mike B

Dodds Door Will Open Sesame Your Opportunity For Aurora Garage Door Replacement—Reach Out To Us Today!

A broken Aurora garage door is unnerving and leaves you at your wits end as you anticipate a potential break-and-enter from a random intruder. Sooner or later, you will require a professional garage door replacement by asking an expert technician to tweak a loose nut or bolt or perform a total overhaul of your garage door. Aurora residents should note that we can also accommodate any last-minute 24/7 emergency, as nobody wants their garage left awkwardly half open overnight.

Go ahead and reach out to one of our customer contact representatives at 1-877-503-6337, who will guide you through a garage door repair or replacement inquiry. As soon as you confirm your appointment, we will dispatch one of our technicians to your household to assess your Aurora garage door and offer the best course of action. We eagerly await your call as we remain on standby!