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Need New Garage Doors? Barrie Can Rely On the Experts at Dodds Doors!

Dodds Garage Doors is proud to welcome Barrie Door to the Dodds family. With more than 100 years of combined experience serving locals in the greater Toronto area with premium products and services for garage doors, Barrie residents can still get the same outstanding workmanship and customer service they’ve come to expect from our professional team. 

Over the course of the last six and a half decades, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation for excellence on a solid foundation of experienced workmanship, reliable customer service and premium-quality garage doors. Barrie homeowners and business owners alike can count on us to provide, install and repair garage doors that enhance the comfort, convenience, security appeal and energy efficiency of their properties.

Premium Garage Doors to Suit Every Home or Business in Barrie

When it comes to a commercial or residential garage door, Barrie residents are well aware of the impact they can have on curb appeal. They take up a lot of visual space, and they’re typically positioned to face the street, so they can really help—or hurt—the overall appearance of your property. But of course it’s not all about looks—the right garage doors are essential for keeping your garage and house secure, keeping your building energy efficient, and giving your household the time-saving convenience it needs.

Whether they are searching for a residential or commercial garage door, Barrie property owners need look no further than Dodds Doors for a wide selection of garage doors to complement every home or business. We only sell brands that have proven the quality and durability of their products against the extreme temperatures and weather patterns we can sometimes experience in southern Ontario. That starts with the exclusive Dodds Garage Doors Platinum Series, which are built to last with Canadian properties in mind.

I was very impressed with Barrie Door's customer service, communication and of course the finished project! I found their staff very pleasant to work with and would be happy to refer them to my friends and family. Even in a slight, easy to make oversight, they were able to rectify the situation immediately and left me feeling taken care of with an even greater customer experience. I love my new garage door and opener!!! Thank you!!!!! :)

- Kristen R

The Original Barrie Door, which is now a part of the Dodds Garage Doors family, has been serving Barrie and the residents of neighbouring towns and communities for more than 50 years. Because we have so much experience serving locals with services and products like garage doors, Barrie service professionals on our team truly understand the needs of local property owners.

Our team doesn’t just work here—we live here too, and we are proud to deliver the same quality of products and services to each of our customers that we would expect for our own friends and family when they need garage doors. Barrie homeowners and business owners and those in nearby communities such as Innisfil, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Muskoka, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Parry Sound, Orillia, and surrounding areas who need garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services can count on our knowledgeable team.

Recommended for Barrie Garage Doors

Over the decades, we’ve built a stellar reputation in the Barrie community, and that’s reflected in our many positive customer reviews online. We’re also proud of the fact that Dodds Garage Doors has received the Consumers Choice Award for best garage door company in the greater Toronto area for 22 years in a row and are also 11-time HomeStars Best of Award winners.

Residential Garage Doors: Barrie, ON

Does your home desperately need to be enhanced by a new set of garage doors? Barrie, the best solution for experienced garage door services is just a phone call away. Our garage door installation and garage door repair services are second to none!

Garage Door Installation Barrie

It doesn’t matter if you need a replacement or an entirely new garage door installation, Barrie can always rely on the experienced technicians at Dodds for professional installation, including garage door opener installation. Safety is important to us, which is why we always follow regulations and deliver quality workmanship that meets or even exceeds the highest standards in the garage door industry. We prioritize customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to ensure your new garage door installation meets all your expectations for convenience, security, safety and appeal.

Garage Door Repair Barrie

When our expert technicians install their garage doors, Barrie residents aren’t left on their own to figure out where to turn when they eventually need garage door repair services because we provide expert repairs for all the garage doors we install. Your single or double garage doors are designed to withstand a lot and hold up well for years under near-constant use and harsh weather conditions. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to go forever without needing emergency repair services. Problems like broken springs or broken cables aren’t just inconvenient and frustrating, they can also cause serious hazards to the security and safety of your property. Whether problems crop up on the weekend or even on a holiday, your garage door repair needs can’t wait. That’s why our non-commission-based repair team is available for emergency service whenever you need it. You can trust our repair technicians to deliver residential or commercial emergency services without trying to convince you to agree to services you don’t really need.

Commercial Garage Doors in Barrie

When commercial properties need garage doors, Barrie business owners often find themselves looking for a specialized product that goes beyond what you would typically find in a residential setting. If they’re looking for a cost-effective, customized solution for commercial docks, loading bay doors and more, our professional technicians have the skill and experience to get the project done correctly and on time. From commercial garage doors to dock equipment and accessories, we have the right solution for your unique property and business requirements. That includes commercial products and accessories such as:

  • Environmental Control Doors
  • Air Curtains
  • Bug Screens
  • Strip Curtains
  • Sectional Overhead Doors & Hardware
  • Full Vision Overhead Doors
  • Rolling Steel Doors
  • Fast Acting Doors
  • Rolling Counter Shutters & Grilles
  • Man Doors
  • Motors & Controls
  • Gate Operators

FAQ About Dodds Barrie Garage Door Services

Do you have questions about our services or garage doors? Barrie property owners can give us a call at 705-999-5966 to speak with our knowledgeable customer service representatives and get those questions taken care of. Also, check out our replies to a few common questions in our FAQ section below.

What Brands of Garage Doors Do You Carry?

One of the core values that our garage door company has built our solid reputation on decade after decade is ensuring that we carry only the best quality Barrie garage door products. When it comes to garage doors, Barrie residents can rest assured that the brands we carry are not only attractive and function well but are capable of withstanding harsh weather and extreme temperatures. Our exceptional selection of garage doors starts with the exclusive Dodds Canadian Series and Garage Doors Platinum Series, but we also carry a wide range of other premium brands, such as:

  • Steelcraft
  • Wayne Dalton
  • Garaga
  • Clopay
  • C.H.I.
  • Richards-Wilcox
  • Liftmaster

We have many model and colour options available for each brand, so you can find the aesthetic appeal to complement your home or business combined with qualities like security, convenience, cost-effectiveness and safety.

Do You Have a Showroom for Garage Doors in Barrie?

It doesn’t make sense to make a major purchase without seeing or touching our quality product in person, and that also applies to garage doors. Barrie residents can visit our showroom at Barrie Door, Unit 9, 4 Alliance Blvd in Barrie. There you’ll find a nice selection of garage doors and accessories that you can see and touch in person. That way, you can properly judge if it’s up to your standards before you make a purchase decision. If you’d like to visit our showroom, please give us a quick call beforehand to confirm that we have availability for an appointment.

If you don’t have time to visit our Barrie showroom or just prefer to do your shopping at home, just schedule an appointment, and our experienced, friendly sales team will bring the showroom to you! We can bring samples cut from the actual doors we sell so that you can see the material and determine its quality and suitability for your building.

Do You Offer Financing for Garage Door Installation in Barrie?

Yes, we do! If you have a garage, it’s not optional to have safe, properly functioning garage doors. Barrie households need to be able to access a garage door installation service without putting a strain on their budget, and we want to make sure they’re able to do so. That’s why Dodds Garage Doors offers 0% financing with 12-month or 24-month payment options and no interest.

There is also an option for low monthly payments with a 36-month plan at an 8.99% interest rate. Are you interested in learning more about our financing options for garage doors? Barrie homeowners, contact us today at 705-999-5966 to talk to our friendly customer service representatives, and we’ll help you find a financing option that meets your needs. Remember to ask if we currently have any special offers!

Looking for other ways to save money on garage doors? Barrie residents should know that we also offer free hardware upgrades on some models of garage doors, free, no-obligation estimates and more.

Can a Garage Door Installation Improve My Property’s Value?

If you’re considering putting your home up for sale on the property market in Barrie, then you obviously want to get a solid return on your investment. That’s why a garage door installation in Barrie should be at the top of your to-do list. Matter of fact, garage door replacement or installation offers the highest return on investment of any home renovation project. Often, homeowners are able to recover almost the entirety of the cost of installation in their property’s sale price.

However, you should also keep in mind that it’s not only about increasing your property value. Newly installed garage doors can impress real estate agents and prospective home buyers. That means that you can possibly avoid a drawn-out selling period, closing the deal quickly and allowing you to move on to greener pastures. Attractive, functional garage doors go a long way to reassuring potential buyers that the property’s been well-maintained throughout.

How Long Does a Garage Door Installation Take?

There are many types of garage doors to choose from. Regardless of your garage door selection, it takes, on average, approximately 4 to 6 hours to install a garage door system. However, if you already have an existing system in place and are just going for a replacement that’s compatible with that existing system, then the installation process is much simpler and shorter.

How Can I Prepare for a Garage Door Installation?

On the expert advice of our professional garage door installers, there are several steps you can take to get your garage ready for installation. While the process itself only takes a couple of hours, it’s still important that you take the time to prepare the area beforehand. Listed below are six steps you can take when preparing for your dream garage installation:

  1. Clean Your Garage: Make certain that there are no vehicles in the garage. Take the time to remove your vehicles, making sure that your professional installation team can back their own vehicle up close to the opening of the garage.
  2. Move Items to the Back of the Garage: Now, you are going to want to move any yard card equipment, sports gear, garbage cans, and other items to the rear of your garage. When it comes to preparations, a good rule of thumb is to have, at minimum, a foot of clearance on either side of the door track, plus fourteen feet back into the garage clear as well. What this does is it gives the installation crew room to set up their ladders and other equipment, while also being able to remove the existing door and opener system (if applicable), and set up and install the new system.
  3. Keep Pets Away: If you have any pets, ensure that they’re kept in a safe place during the entirety of the installation process. Letting your pets have free rein in the garage is dangerous, both to your pets and to the installation crew. It’s best if you keep them away from the garage until the installation is complete and your servicemen have departed.
  4. Keep Children Away: Like with pets, it’s important to keep children away from the work area. Your children might be curious, but there are time constraints involved and the area just isn’t safe for children to be in. During the installation, do not allow your children to play in the garage. The only people who should be in the garage are the installation team during the process.
  5. Locations for Wall Consoles or Keyless Entry Pads: There are “standard” locations where wall consoles and keyless entry pads are placed during a garage door installation process. If you want to change these locations, then it’s important that you speak with the installer, and the salesperson beforehand, so that they’re aware of precisely where you want your controls mounted.
  6. Remote Control Programming: If your vehicle comes equipped with a remote control for your garage door and you want it programmed for you by the installer, then you need to be sure that vehicle is available at the time of the installation appointment. This is most convenient for all involved.