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Scarborough is a popular and diverse city within the Greater Toronto Area. It offers beautiful views of Lake Ontario, as well as beaches, parks, and hiking trails for you and your family to enjoy. Imagine having planned a weekend on the coast, but you can’t get your SUV out of the garage because something is obstructing your garage door. Scarborough homeowners may have noticed some creaking sounds before but didn’t believe they would cause serious problems like this! Unfortunately, without routine maintenance and small repairs, your Scarborough garage door will become less efficient over time.

Dodds Garage Doors has been serving the local communities of the Greater Toronto Area since 1958, providing exceptional installation, repair, maintenance, and emergency services. Since then, the Dodds brand has grown and built strong relationships with local residents. We are committed to delivering guaranteed workmanship to our clients, ensuring that they are happy with our dependable garage door services.

Are you looking for a professional Scarborough garage door installation service? If yes, look no further and trust the team at Dodds to provide you with quality products and excellent service. Call 1-877-503-6337 today to book your no-obligation, in-home consultation, and we’ll get started on your garage door solution.

Scarborough Garage Door Repair Services

We already mentioned one of the most common issues which include trouble opening and closing. But there are other problems that one should address because a list of them can be prevented with routine maintenance services. How much we would love to rely on technology without spending too much time on upkeep, but when it comes to your Scarborough garage door, we highly recommend putting safety first. If your existing system doesn’t follow local codes and property standards, it will become a liability, and the municipality could charge you a fine. Property managers of condominiums are required to schedule annual inspections and maintenance appointments to ensure their overhead doors leading to underground parking are secure and working properly. The cost of maintenance is tremendously lower than repairs.

That said, even residential homeowners could experience safety risks, energy loss, and other types of inconvenience when facing a broken garage door. Scarborough repair technicians at Dodds are available 24/7 for any emergency garage repair needs. You can rely on us to act fast and show up with professional tools and replacement parts.

Typical Scarborough garage door repair needs include:

  • Repairing opener chain drive or belt drive
  • Broken garage door spring repair
  • Grinding sound repair
  • Hardware replacement (i.e., roller wheels, hinges, track protectors)
  • New insulation installation
  • Window pane replacement
  • Weather seals

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Is it time to invest in a new, efficient Scarborough garage door installation? If so, you are at the right place where quality products and well-versed service professionals are guaranteed.

When hiring Dodds Garage Doors, Scarborough property owners can choose from a wide range of styles, colours, and designs. Whatever type you need to complement or match your property’s exterior, we have it!

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Dodds is a specialist in residential garage doors in Scarborough. The main types we offer for residential homeowners include:

Our quality residential units are specifically designed for your safety, convenience, and curb appeal. With built-in insulation properties (as per request), you can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Besides your Scarborough garage door, there are also three options for garage door openers that include:

  • Belt-drive opener
  • Chain-drive opener

These are electric-powered openers that you can control via a remote or set up as a smart unit. When choosing between a belt-drive or chain-drive unit, it will depend on your preference for horsepower. Generally, belt-drive electric openers have more horsepower (from 3/4 to 1 1/4) and are a better choice for double garages.


Are you in charge of commercial garage door systems? Commercial property managers are busy people who are in charge of property maintenance, house repairs, and many other duties. They also have a higher level of responsibility in regard to operational systems, which include commercial garage doors. Scarborough business units include condominiums, apartment buildings, and other public settings like warehouses, auto centres, and manufacturing companies. Commercial clients can rely on us to handle the following installation and repair services:

  • High-speed overhead doors
  • Sectional steel overhead doors
  • Sectional aluminum overhead units
  • Rolling steel overhead units

Preventative maintenance is essential for commercial settings because any problems could result in safety risks. Your expert team at Dodds is more than happy to send you annual reminders, so you have all your property maintenance duties in check!

Common Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

You probably don’t pay too much attention to your garage door until something goes terribly wrong. But it’s important to keep in mind that you can prevent future damage if you pay a little bit of close attention to your garage door. Different types of garage doors can have various issues. However, there are a few signs that can indicate a problem.

Here are a couple of common signs that your garage door needs repairs:

  • Door Doesn’t Operate: If your garage door doesn’t open or close when you press the buttons, you should think about getting professional garage door repair. It could be as simple as a bad connection between the control panel and the door, or something more serious like a door malfunction.
  • Slowed Responses: Does your garage door take its sweet time in responding to your commands? It should only take your garage door one or two seconds to open or close. Now, if there are delays in operating your garage door, it can mean that there’s something wrong with your opener or the garage door itself.
  • Sagging Door: It’s vital that you check the balance of your door, especially if you have an overhead garage door. This means checking your door manually, without using the opener. Pay attention to when you bring the door to the midway point; it shouldn’t continue to rise or fall. If it does, then there might be something wrong with the tension spring or another part. Unless you’ve got prior experience with repairing garage doors, don’t attempt to repair this on your own. Our experienced technicians are here to help.
  • Door is Off Track: Now, if your garage door comes off of its track, it can cause injuries or other damage to your garage. This is something that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. It’s not an issue that you can ignore as it’s a major safety concern.
  • Noisy Door: As time passes, your garage door might start making noise. The noises can be caused by the spring or any other components that are bearing against each other or are otherwise rusty. It can cause the door to jam, or problems with the door getting stuck or suddenly falling down.

My garage door broke on a Sunday night and Dodd's was the only company that picked up the phone. Michael came out and made great suggestions and even helped us close the broken garage door. The installation happened within 2 weeks and it went very smoothly. I was advised by another well known garage door company when they finally returned my call that the garage door replacement could take as much as 2 months. I would definitely recommend Dodd's.

- Janet

Why Dodd’s Scarborough Garage Door Service is Your Best Choice

After so many years of being in business, we have learned a lot and grown to a large team of professionals. We are proud to be GTA’s first-choice garage door business that is locally owned and operated. 

  • Certified technicians: Our professional team of service technicians are passionate about their job and committed to providing guaranteed craftsmanship and superior customer service that live up to Dodds’ standards. We are a family-inspired team that always has the well-being of our community in mind.
  • 24-hour emergency service: Reliable Scarborough garage door emergency services are hard to come by. If your garage connects to your home and is partly heated, the last thing you want is a broken cable that stops you from closing the door properly. Whether you just came home from work or are about to leave on a vacation, trust our expert team for a speedy emergency repair service!
  • Exceptional customer experience: The reason why we stand out from retailers and other Scarborough garage door companies is that we care about our customers’ experiences and needs. You are not just a number in our book but a homeowner who is looking to invest in something big, and we want to make that process as easy and smooth as possible. So we bring a FREE showroom to your house that includes samples, cutouts, and photographs which will facilitate your decision-making process.
  • Unbeatable product quality: We pay close attention to product quality and efficiency and only 
  • Award-Winning Company: We have been pronounced the winner of the Consumer Choice Award for the last 20 years and were recently awarded for being the best of the best by Homestars in 2022.