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Preventive Maintenance Programs

The more you know about what’s wrong, the more you can make it right!

DODDS creates a pro-active approach and helps micro-manage your asset.

The following is an abbreviated extract relating specifically and only to Garage Doors from the GTA By-Laws click here, “City of Toronto” By-Laws: Click here or Click Here for Best Practices click here

The purpose of the Dodds’ Preventive Maintenance Program is to be pro-active and establish an ongoing schedule of information on your overhead garage doors, overhead electric operators, safety systems and barrier gates. We will create a process and systematic maintenance schedule to help you micro-manage your assets. We will inspect and detect worn parts before they affect operating efficiency. Unexpected repair bills will be reduced.
Our unique "Check List" reporting system provides you and Dodds with up-to-date information concerning your overhead garage doors, overhead electric operators, safety systems and barrier gates.

DODDS Preventive Maintenance Program for overhead garage doors, overhead electric operators, safety systems and barrier gates consists of checking all Mechanical and Electrical components with specific comments on any deficiencies.

DODDS Preventive Maintenance Program will:

  • reduce unexpected breakdowns
  • reduce downtime and inconvenience
  • reduce costs


We report a Small Claims Court case experienced by one of our condo clients where the judge ruled against the condo and awarded the plaintiff ($7,400), the unit owner and TAILGATER, because the condo did NOT have a current Preventive Maintenance Program! ………. even though it was recorded and acknowledged by the judge that the unit owner did NOT use his remote!!

We emphasize that it is extremely important to have a Preventive Maintenance Program which provides comprehensive check-lists and specific details on all mechanical, electrical, access and safety systems on your overhead garage doors, garage door openers and barrier gates.

The specific details include the manner in which the door is accessed , the length of time a door stays open, the location of the safety devices as well as the date of the most recent Written Preventive Maintenance Check-list.

We also recommend an updated news bulletin or memo to all residents which advises how, when, where and why to use remotes, transmitters, cards, fobs and/or keys to enter the garages.

Hot Tip for your unit owners:

Residents should allow the barrier gate or garage door to close or start closing before pressing the remote button. First, this definitely ensures that their remote battery is working. If it is not working the door will not open & they will know immediately that they need a new battery. This precaution will also reduce the likelihood of their vehicle hitting the barrier gate or garage door when the barrier gate or garage door is in the closing cycle.

In summary, ensure that you have a Preventive Maintenance Program, which includes a written report by a professional technician, and you will add to your peace of mind!