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Best Garage Door Opener for You?

Like any product, not all overhead garage door openers are created equal. It is up to you, the consumer, to decide which automatic garage door opener best suits your needs and the level of quality which you desire.

Dodds has built their reputation on quality. This is why we carry only the most reliable, safe and burglar resistant garage door openers available. You get the best garage door opener and installation at very competitive pricing.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers
(e.g. LiftMaster) read more ...

  • The chain drive electric garage door opener has been around for years and is a tried and tested favorite, proving to be reliable and very reasonably priced.
  • Unlike many garage door openers sold in the market today, the Dodds chain drive line of openers use a solid rail (the steel pieces that attach the opener head to your garage door). Most other openers use a split rails system which must be screwed together on site. One of the disadvantages of this system is that it compromises the strength of the rail. One of the major issues with this type of system is that when the door ices to the ground it can put pressure on the split rail. A solid rail, being stronger, is less likely to break than a split rail which is especially weak at the points where it has been screwed together.
  • Another benefit of the Dodds line of chain drive openers is that we only use full chain drive systems, unlike a half chain and half cable system. It is simple, cables often snap but chains are more reliable.

1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Openers
(e.g. LiftMaster) read more ...

  • The main benefit of the belt drive garage door opener vs. the chain drive is that the belt drive offers a smoother, quieter operation. This is of particular benefit if the garage is located underneath a bedroom or living area. The cost is only slightly higher than the chain drive but if having a quieter, smoother machine is important to you, it is worth the extra cost.
  • As with the chain drive, the Dodds belt drive also uses only the stronger, solid shaft system. ¾ Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Skylink Garage Door Opener read more ...

The SKYLINK ATOMS garage door opener will no doubt prove to you that good things come in small packages. Compact, quiet, high tech, and reliable are adjectives most used to describe this great little garage door opener.

DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
(e.g. LiftMaster) read more ...

  • With 50% more power than the ½ HP, the ¾ HP belt drive garge door opener combines strength with quiet, smooth operation making it the best residential opener available on the market today. It is a little more expensive than the ½ HP but offers a great deal for the money.
  • This luxury machine has a motion sensor light inside the garage. You simply walk into the garage and the light will automatically turn on. Safety – another feature that makes Dodds Openers better.

Safety Features

  • Every garage door opener sold today is equipped with a photo eye, a light beam that goes across the opening of the door. If the light beam is broken by a person, car, pet or any object the door will not close.
  • Even if the door were to sense or strike an object while closing, the opener will stop closing and reverse back to an open position. Sensitivity of this safety feature can be customized to suit your individual needs.
  • An overhead garage door opener will not operate if the photo eyes are not working properly.

Burglar Resistance

  • Dodds garage door openers models are among the securest available on the market today.
  • People are very aware that technology exists which can duplicate your credit card and bank card pin numbers, but did you know that technology also exists which can scan your private garage door opener code, giving a potential criminal access to your garage? Dodds cares about your safety! That is why we use a system known as a rolling code. Our automatic garage door openers actually change the frequency and code every time you use your remote transmitter. If you install a Dodds garage door opener, these scanning devices are useless.
  • Another method which criminals use to access your garage is force. Three or four strong people could push up a garage door, even when it is attached to a garage door opener. Dodds uses a system known as Posilock, which makes it extremely difficult for the door to be forced open.

As you can see, with Dodds, you get only the makes and models of garage door openers that are the most reliable, safest, and securest on the market.