Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Quiet belt driven electric opener available in 3/4 and 1 1/4 horsepower. Wifi smart enabled. LEARN MORE about Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Reliable chain driven electric opener available in 1/2 horsepower. Wifi smart enabled. LEARN MORE about Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Side-Mount Garage Door Openers

Space saving Jackshaft residential electric opener mounted next to the garage door. LEARN MORE about Side-Mount Garage Door Openers

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Dodds Garage Doors has been selling residential garage door openers for more than 60 years in the Toronto area. Over the course of the last six decades, we’ve built lasting relationships with our clients based on our honest, genuine customer service, along with the uncompromising quality of our products and workmanship. 

No one wants to get out of their car, manually open their garage door, and get back in the car to put it away in their garage, which is why garage door openers are such a critical part of garage door services. They literally do the heavy lifting and are composed of mostly moving parts, which means these systems often take a lot more wear and tear damage over the years than other components. As a result, it’s sometimes necessary to call the experienced technicians at Dodds for garage door opener repair or a replacement garage door opener installation even though the rest of your door unit is still in good shape.

Garage Door Opener Installation Service

If you need a garage door opener replacement or a brand-new garage door opener installation, trust the experienced professionals at Dodds for dependable workmanship that meets or exceeds the highest industry standards. We sell a range of top-quality garage door openers, including some of the best brands such as Liftmaster and of course, Dodds own premium line of garage door openers. 

Not sure which type would be best suited to your property and the needs of your household? No problem—our team will consult with you and learn more of what you liked about your old garage door opener, and what you didn’t like so much. We’ll also assess your property and make a note of any potential complications or concerns that may steer us in one direction over the others. With that information in mind, we can offer you a range of options that will deliver the quality, durability and longevity you’re looking for in a garage door opener installation.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Like everything else in life, garage door openers don’t last forever—but if you’re experiencing a malfunction or a breakdown, or your opener just isn’t working as smoothly as it once did, it may not be time for replacement just yet. At Dodds, we service the units we install with experienced garage door opener repair services that give long-lasting, effective results. In fact, due to the nature of these systems and the level of abuse they take from normal wear and tear, many of the calls we get to deal with repairs actually turn out to be for garage door opener repair. 

The strategy we choose for garage door opener repair does, naturally, depend on the nature of the problem. We’ll start by thoroughly examining your garage door and its opener to determine the problem and answer any questions or concerns you may have before we get started on garage door opener repair. The components that most commonly require repair include:

  • Photo-eye sensor
  • Motor
  • Belt
  • Rollers
  • Keypad
  • Chain belt gear
  • Trolley carriage
  • Wall switch
  • Remote control transmitter
  • Garage door cables

Types of Garage Door Openers to Consider

Dodds has built our reputation on quality. This is why we carry only the most reliable, safe and burglar-resistant units available. You get the best system and installation at very competitive pricing. Like any product, not all overhead garage door openers are created equal. It is up to you, the consumer, to decide which automatic garage door opener best suits your needs and the level of quality, which you desire.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt drive electric openers are the quietest electric openers available, and they are also our most popular and cost-effective choice for garage door opener installation. When noise is a concern, customers should get a belt driven system installed—but the near-silent operation isn’t the only advantage they have to offer. Belt drive openers use a rubber belt combined with a powerful DC motor to lift heavy units and close them again without the clinking and clanking that comes along with a chain drive system. They also typically move a lot more quickly than chain drive openers, which reduces the amount of time you have to spend waiting around for it to open and close.

Like any other device, belt drive garage door openers do have some potential downsides as well. They are built for durability and strength, but as the belt is made of rubber, it’s not as strong and long-lasting as a metal chain. If you have an unusually heavy garage door, a belt drive garage door opener may not be the right choice. Another factor to consider is that rubber can sometimes react poorly to temperature changes like an extreme cold snap in winter, so very cold or very hot weather could cause problems for its operation. Dodds carries and services a variety of electric openers, including LiftMaster garage door openers (same company as Chamberlain), Skylink and the Dodds electric opener.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain drive electric openers are the traditional style of trolley garage door openers, and they are likely what you are accustomed to if it’s been quite a while since you last got a replacement garage door installation. Chain drive units have a lot going for them, considering they are reliable, long-lasting and affordable. They’re also very strong, so they’re a good choice for heavier or double doors. With basic care and maintenance, they can last a long time—and since metal isn’t as vulnerable to temperature changes as rubber, there’s no need to worry about the performance of your opener during extreme weather. Chain drives don’t slip like rubber belts sometimes do, and they’re just as affordable as belt drive garage openers if not even more cost-effective.

There are lots of advantages to choosing a chain drive garage door opener, and a couple of possible cons. That chain is going to clank every time the mechanism is engaged, and it could disturb your household members if someone routinely leaves early for work or gets home late. While chains typically don’t have to be replaced as frequently as belts, they do require more maintenance and need to be lubricated regularly to ensure they stay in good operating condition. They are typically also slower than belt drives to get your door open and shut. Dodds sells LiftMaster garage door openers, Skylink electric openers and the Dodds chain drive electric opener.

Side-Mount Garage Door Openers

Side-mount or Jackshaft garage door openers are an increasingly popular option for residential garage door opener installation in Toronto, especially for those who are looking for ways to save space in their garage. Jackshaft electric openers are mounted to the side of the garage door rather than overhead, so they don’t have a boom hanging down in the middle of your garage. That means they free up overhead space for storage cabinets, racks for recreational equipment and more. However, the mechanism does have to go somewhere, so it’s worth noting that jackshaft garage door openers are only suitable for structures with a spare 12 inches of side room where they can be installed. 

Another big point in the pro column for jackshaft garage door openers is that they’re the only type capable of operating a high-lift garage door, so if that’s the type of door you have installed, this will obviously be the right choice. It’s worth noting that this variety typically comes at a higher price point than other types. However, it is available in models with all the bells and whistles, such as WiFi capability, remote entry and keypad entry, so there’s no need to compromise on amenities if you need or want to have a jackshaft garage door opener installed.

WiFi Garage Door Openers

When considering which garage door opener to purchase, we have written extensively about your garage door electric opener options.

FAQs – Greater Toronto Garage Door Openers

Do you have questions about garage door opener installation, garage door opener repair, or just garage door openers in general? Call 1-877-503-6337 to speak with the experienced team at Dodds Garage Doors and find out the answers to all those questions. You can also check out our responses to a few of the frequently asked questions we hear from homeowners and business owners in the GTA about garage door openers. 

What Are the Advantages of WiFi Garage Door Openers?

If you’re currently considering which type of garage door opener to purchase, it makes sense to consider the benefits of choosing a smart garage door opener with WiFi capability. This next-generation garage technology offers some distinct benefits over the more traditional models, and there are multiple options, such as belt drive or chain drive types, that come with wireless capabilities. Homeowners aren’t always sure if a WiFi-operated systems can provide worthwhile benefits, but there are some good reasons to consider them for your home, including:

  • Smartphone Control: WiFi systems can be conveniently operated from your smartphone or smart home devices such as Google Home, so you never have to worry about whether you have the remote with you.
  • Security: It’s easy to steal a garage door opener remote, and criminals often target them so they can easily gain entrance to your garage and potentially the rest of your house as well. WiFi-enabled openers are controlled by your phone, so they add an extra layer of security.
  • Remote Programming: Did you forget to close the garage door when you left for work? With a WiFi-operated system, you can find out by simply checking your phone—and if you did, you could close it without having to return home.
  • Package Deliveries are increasingly common in this day and age, and there are plenty of dishonest people around waiting to swipe a box off your doorstep. With a WiFi-powered system, you can open your garage door for delivery people, so your packages are safe and sound inside your garage.

Which Garage Door Opener Brands Does Dodds Carry?

We carry a variety of brands, including Liftmasterand Dodds exclusive line of garage door openers. LiftMaster systems are sold through garage door dealers. They are manufactured by the same company as Chamberlain systems. The key difference is that LiftMaster garage door openers come with a one-piece rail system connecting the electric opener to your garage door. This makes for a safer and more durable installation. 

Are Garage Door Openers Safe?

Every system that we sell is equipped with a photo eye, a light beam that goes across the opening of the door. If the light beam is broken by a person, car, pet or any object, the door will not close. An overhead garage door opener will not operate if the photo eyes are not working properly.