Garage Door Opener FAQs | DODDS Garage Doors
Here are a few questions about garage door openers that we are commonly asked!

What is the best garage door opener on the market?

There is no single best garage door opener on the market. In reality, the better question is, what garage door features do I need? If you don’t need a WiFi garage door opener, ask for a machine that comes without it and save a little money. If you have a bedroom above the garage, consider purchasing a belt drive electric opener. If you are looking to save space and you have enough room to the side of your garage door, install a side-mount electric opener.

Do I need more than 1/2HP or 3/4HP garage door opener?

Garage door electric opener horsepower can be a tricky subject. In reality, a 1/2HP or 3/4HP electric opener should be more than sufficient power to lift your garage door. Balancing of your garage door spring is the key element in making sure your garage door operates smoothly. That said, any additional horsepower can be a benefit without significant added expense. The garage door opener merely completes the opening and closing of your garage door and should not need to work too hard to get your door opened and closed. 

Do I need a chain drive garage door opener or belt drive garage door opener?

Chain drive electric openers have stood the test of time and are very reliable option. Belt drive electric openers have become a very popular choice when a customer has living space adjacent to the garage. It is important to check the warranty differences between these options when purchasing.

Why buy garage door openers from a dealer and not the box stores?

While Dodds garage door opener prices are competitive, we pride ourselves on our installation capabilities and after sales service. A Dodds technician will ensure the safe installation of your garage door opener. Dodds always offers an installed price while box stores sell garage door openers without installation. Further, Dodds is always available should you have questions or issues after installation and provides a service warranty one-year after the installation of your garage door opener. Finally, Dodds installs a one-piece rail system on all garage door openers which are safer and more durable.

What other features might I consider when buying a garage door opener?

Battery Backup. California recently enacted a law requiring that all garage door openers have battery backup. This means in the event of power failure, the garage door will continue to operate for a limited number of cycles. Dodds sells battery backup options on all electric openers.
WiFi. WiFi Electric Openers have become commonplace in customers garages. WiFi electric openers enable customers to access their garage from anywhere in the world increasing security and safety of your home. Dodds sells WiFi electric openers or accessories that make your electric opener WiFi capable.
Keypad. Adding a garage door keypad to the outside of your garage door will enable you to access your garage without use of a remote control. This is a great option when the garage is used to access your home.