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Coach House Insulated
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When it comes to garage door pricing, here are the most frequently asked questions

What is the price of a garage door?

We have suggested a rough pricing guide on our website. That said, you should be skeptical of any company that provides a firm price over the phone. Salespeople can come to your home for free, evaluate the work and provide a no obligation free estimate. Price is determined by style, colour, insulation value and any extra work that might need to be done to complete your installation.

If you need help determining if you need a new door you can read our article.

Can I use my existing garage door opener?

Our team will never suggest a new opener unless we feel you need it. There are a few quick ways that you can determine if you need a new garage door opener. There are a wide variety of options at various price points. A sales representative can help you understand the benefits of each machine. Dodds only carries the best brands including LiftMaster, Chamberlain and our own Dodds Electric Opener.

How much is a garage door opener?

Garage door openers range in price from approximately $450 up to $1,000 (plus tax) depending on features such as wifi, battery backup and chain or belt driven. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. Make sure you feel informed before you make a purchase.

Is there a standard size garage door?

The benefit of working with Dodds is that all garage doors are built to your custom specification. There are very sizes that we can’t make. Single garage doors are often 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall with double car garages 16 feet by 7 feet. A custom sized garage door is not more expensive than what many call standard size doors.

How much is garage door capping?

Aluminum capping on a garage door is highly specialized trade. Capping can range form $250 up to $500 (plus tax) depending on the colour and size of the area to be covered.

Is it cheaper to buy a garage door or garage door opener from the big box stores?

Absolutely not. Big box stores rely on a network of contractors to install garage doors. When considering your total cost, you must add the cost of the garage door and installation. Now consider that in order to claim a warranty issue, you might need to bring your garage door or garage door opener back to the store! A garage door from a dealer like Dodds is often more cost effective and provides a service level that is far superior.

Is it worth getting an insulated garage door?

It is almost always worth the small additional expense to get an insulated garage door. Insulation provides more stability helping to increase the useful life of your door. Very common service calls include denting and damage of non-insulated garage doors from a bad weather event.

What is the cost of garage door windows?

Adding windows to your door will allow for natural light inside your garage and of course improve the look of your house. Windows come in various styles (frosted, glazed, clear) and levels of insulation (single or double pane). Garage door window prices range from as low as $100 to over $500 (plus HST) depending on the previously mentioned factors.

Will I get a return on my investment?

Garage doors have the highest return on investment of any home renovation project. Keep in mind, the garage door often represents 30% or more of the façade of your home. A high quality garage door can meaningfully improve the look of your house.

Is it cheaper to keep my track and hardware and just replace the door face?

Dodds replaces all garage door components every time we install a new garage door unless there is an exceptional circumstance like drywall obstructing our ability to do so. This ensures a quality installation.

Can I replace a single section in my garage door?

It is possible to replace single sections. It is important to note the manufacturer, style number and colour. That said, replacing sections is often more expensive than replacing an entire garage door face.