Which Type of Commercial Overhead Garage Door Do You Need?

Which Type of Commercial Overhead Garage Door Do You Need?

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How important is your company’s overhead garage door? It’s actually one of the most underrated and important decisions you can make.

The garage doors for your business need to be secure enough to protect your assets and your staff, yet fast and efficient enough to keep productivity moving.

And, if this door is on a restaurant or storefront, it also has to look stylish. It may take up over half the space of your entire façade.

We pride ourselves in being the go-to commercial garage door experts in Toronto because we help our clients find the perfect door to suit your needs. So, let’s start finding your best option.

Sectional Steel Overhead Doors

These are the large, solid-looking, commercial steel doors you have probably seen at warehouses, auto dealerships, or garages. There could be a row of 3 or 4 of them, or just the one.

They often come with a row of windows, which can be a single pane in different styles and sizes, with full-view sections available. The windows are made of thermal (insulated), tempered glass.

These come in a variety of colours, with options in white, brown, almond or sandstone. Of course, custom colours are also available to stay in line with your company’s branding scheme.

In terms of insulation, the R-value will depend on what type of material you go with:

  • Polystyrene: R-value 10
  • Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane: R-value 17

Sectional Aluminum Overhead Doors

Sectional Aluminum Overhead Garage Doors can be found anywhere from car dealerships, to car washes, to fire stations.

Their signature look is covered in windows to give the exterior a stylish look, while the interior gets lots of natural light.

This type of overhead garage door is also very popular in the restaurant and bar sector. They can give your frontage a stylishly industrial look and feel. And they can also open up on hot summer days to turn your interior into a covered patio.

They can even be used inside to separate one section from another, creating a trendy look, while still giving you some sound insulation between the two sides.

These doors are obviously also staples in the automotive sector. They are simple, reliable, and functional. They are seen pretty much anywhere where cars drive in and out of the building, and are available in:

  • Single pane
  • Thermal (Insulated)
  • Tempered glass
  • Plexiglass
  • Polycarbonate

In terms of colours, they come in an anodized aluminum satin finish, aluminum white, or custom powder coated finishes to ensure everything is on-brand.

Rolling Steel Overhead Doors

Rolling Steel Overhead Doors are the more heavy-duty overhead doors that you see. They are used where security and durability are a priority. They’re also found where you can’t use a sectional door because of a lack of headroom or other space limitations.

You will most often see these in industrial or warehouse settings. However, you will also see them frequently used in the parking garage of condo buildings.

One of the major benefits of these doors is their amazing energy efficiency. Their interlocking slat design and solid insulation inserts help building owners keep their utility bills under control.

You’re also not going to have to deal with drafts seeping in the bottom of the door, thanks to the intel brush, vinyl guide, and bottom bar seals that reduce air infiltration.

Their steel plate brackets are also far more durable than their stamped steel counterparts on other types of doors. This makes the entire door incredibly durable, yet very easy to repair if something does happen.

They are also available in 180 standard colours, so you can easily match the look to the rest of your building.

High-Speed Overhead Doors

Our High-Speed Overhead Doors are the go-to choice for any business owner who needs cars to go in and out of their building as quickly as possible, without any lineups.

This is why they’re frequently used in condo parking lots, office buildings, car dealerships, hotels or even airports.

These are often frequently used in situations where the opening has little headroom clearance.

They’re very secure, yet very low-maintenance. You can keep downtime to a bare minimum with simple on-site repairs. This is what you want when your business’ overhead garage door needs to open quickly a few dozen times every single day, even during cold Toronto winters.

They are also surprisingly quiet, which is crucial when you have people living or working above or near your commercial space.

Townhouse Garage Doors

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These are exactly what they sound like, the garage doors on townhouses.

The garage door makes up at least a third of a home’s façade in most cases. So, it’s vitally important that it’s both stylish and energy-efficient.

We have a proven history of installing these amazing townhouse garage doors across Toronto and the GTA, both in new builds and when replacing or retrofitting existing garage doors.

This makes us the preferred choice of both homeowners and homebuilders. These doors are available in both insulated and non-insulated commercial steel, and in a seemingly endless variety of colours.

Barrier Gates

Sometimes, an entire door might not be needed or may not be possible. In these cases, a barrier gate is the right choice.

These are made of a steel housing unit, attached to a concrete pad with the gate arm being made of wood or aluminum.

Barrier gates are popular choices in places like apartment buildings or gated living communities. You can give your residents secure access with a FOB, card, or code.

You will also frequently see them at the entrance and exit in parking lots and garages, with payment stations and key card access points.

They give you the security and durability you’re looking for, while ensuring interactions and transactions can be processed quickly to keep traffic flow moving.

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