5 Situations That Call For a New Commercial Garage Door

5 Situations That Call For a New Commercial Garage Door

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Is your business’ garage door too loud, too old, or too drafty? You’re not alone. These are the most popular reasons that people come to our website or our stores in search of a new commercial garage door.

Most garage doors are built to last for a few decades, so when the time comes to update or upgrade, it can be really exciting to see the new styles and technology available today. These updates can almost always fix whatever problem you’re having with your old door, whether the issue is aesthetic or technical.

If you’re not sure that your company is ready to invest in a new commercial garage door, here are 5 situations where a new garage door is an absolute must.

You’re Open Under New Management

You’ve recently taken over a new business or a new location. It’s time to make the building truly your own by updating it with a new door on the front of the building.

If you’re running a car dealership or garage, this part of your operation is going to get a lot of attention as customers drive in and out all day, so you want to make sure it looks amazing. Or, perhaps you’ve recently opened or re-opened a restaurant. Refresh the front facade and re-brand the building by adding a new and stylish garage door.

Glass-covered garage doors are very big in the restaurant industry right now, as they give the building a trendy look, while allowing for the ability to open things up to let the fresh air in on those nice weather days.

If you’re in the retail or restaurant sector, your building’s front appearance can literally make or break your business. A survey of over 1,000 consumers revealed that:

  • 95% of those surveyed said that a store’s exterior influences their decision to shop there
  • Two thirds will pass you by if they don’t like your exterior
  • Over half will avoid a store that looks dirty from the outside

Meanwhile, other data tells us that as many as 70% of first-time sales are because of a business’ curb appeal. At the same time, restaurant customers are willing to pay more for a meal if they like the building’s decor.

A brand new and clean garage door is a quick and impactful way to give an old or stale facade a facelift.

You’re Looking to Sell Your Business or Your Building

You should consider updating the front of your building if you’re looking to sell. In the world of home renovations, updating your garage door will give you the highest ROI of any project, and that return could be even higher for a commercial renovation.

A garage door takes up about a third of a home’s front facade, but it typically makes up at least half (or more) of any given business’ frontage. Also, today’s business owners put a high priority on security, so a new and secure garage door can be a major selling point for them.

You want your would-be buyer to be lured by your building’s curb appeal, while they ponder what this curb appeal can do to attract their customers as well.

You Want to Add Security

As we just mentioned, you can add new security to your building with a new commercial garage door. Modern garage doors and garage opener technology have combined to give today’s business owners more security than ever, while still giving them more control than ever.

Perhaps you have a building with a parking lot or garage. Adding a keycard/ fob access door or barrier gate can give you the security you’re looking for, while still ensuring your customers, tenants, or employees have easy access.

If you’re looking to add more security to your business, we invite you to click here for more options and specialty products that will keep your building safe.

Your Energy Costs are Soaring

The older your garage door is, the more likely it is to be an energy waster. Older doors are simply not made from the same energy efficient materials that today’s commercial garage doors are made of. Modern doors have made tremendous strides in R-Value and overall energy efficiency.

It’s also very possible that your current door has years of wear and tear on it. This may mean it’s warped and it no longer makes a tight seal when it closes, or it may be cracked and your climate-controlled air could be seeping out. Either of these leaks can cause your energy usage and energy bills to soar, while you struggle to keep the area around the door at a comfortable temperature.

It Seems to Be Broken or Breaking Down

Some of the most common signs that something is wrong with your door may include:

  • New/ loud noises
  • Sticking or stalling
  • Going back up before closing completely
  • Not responding to controls

Any of these symptoms may mean you need to call your local commercial garage door installation and repair experts as soon as possible, or look at replacing the door. In either case, you need to take action right away.

You know that issues with your door will slow down operations and hurt productivity. However, you may not have considered that lingering equipment problems can hurt your employee morale. Employees may feel like the company doesn’t care enough to fix the problem, or they can’t afford to.

Don’t struggle with downtime! If you’re experiencing any type of difficulty with your current door, don’t delay. We’re proud to offer 24/7 repair services for both business and residential garage doors of all types.

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