How to Choose the Best Garage Door Colour

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Colour


The garage door colour significantly impacts the overall look of the home’s curb appeal. So, make sure you pick the right colour for your home. Many garage door colours are possible to customize the home’s exterior design, in addition to other garage door upgrades. 

The most popular colour choices include white, light gray, dark grey, beige, brown and black.

However, just because you see those most often, doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to what you usually see. The best garage door colour for your home will depend on the total colour palette of you entire house.

Sand, ice white, and clay-based rock just some of the colour choices available for your garage door. So just because the most popular neutrals are white, black, off-white, walnut brown, and awesome gray, you will also find custom-made shades such as violet, reddish, or orange, and yellow on the market.

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Your garage door is an important part of your home, and you should choose carefully. It’s not as easy as choosing a favorite colour. The garage door on your home makes up about a third of your house exterior. Dodds has compiled the top 10 garage door colours of 2021 and 2022 to help in your decision.

The Most Popular Garage Door Colours of 2022

Colour combinations are used, much like an artist would do, to produce the ideal colour for your garage door. Listed below are the most popular colours of the year, with styles ranging from refined to bold. 

1. White

White is the most popular colour for garage doors. White is a classic garage door colour that fits well in any surrounding. White is also versatile because it matches easily with other colours. For example, white works well with dark or light extecuriors and is ideal for both combining and contrasting. 

White garage door

2. Light Grey

Many consider grey as the best neutral colour in home design. Grey is the perfect colour for homeowners who like neutral colours but don’t want the dullness of white and don’t want to make a bold statement with black. 

Grey doors work well for both modern and traditional homes that have neutral colours. If you want to add a subtle accent to your home’s exterior, a grey garage door can provide some stability. 

Garage door shades that blend well with other colours such as cool grey, light grey, or even cool blue are excellent choices.

grey double garage door

3. Black

Like gray and white, black remains a popular garage door colour. Black doors are timeless because they add style and sophistication to any residence. It is a great colour to use if you want to create a formal contrast with lighter-toned exteriors.

A black garage door also has several advantages. For example, black conceals dirt better than light colours such as off-white and yellow.

black modern garage door

4. Brown

Brown garage doors are warm and inviting and can be painted, tarnished, or even imitated as hardwood. This colour adds warmth and sophistication to your outdoor space.

Brown doors come in a range of different colours. For example, stained organic wood doors have a natural elegance, with vibrant colours and incredible grains. 

brown double garage door

5. Navy Blue

Blue garage doors are an elegant accent to a home’s exterior. It isn’t quite as red but guests will still take notice. Teal doors add a touch of colour to your home, while a navy blue door is more striking.

 A navy-blue garage door works well with a red brick home, while a grey garage door blends harmoniously into a fashionable gray home. The blue doors look great when combined with white trim.

6. Fire Red

A red garage door makes an immediate statement and radiates a welcoming feeling. Many homeowners consider a red garage door as a focal element capable of drawing attention away from the rest of the home.

The most popular garage door colours for standard homes are “ravishing red” and “fire red”, and while these are two very intense colours; darker tones like burgundy and maroon also work well.

Consider using red for neutral and off-white homes and those with an earth-toned exterior. Red gives your home a modern, bold look. For that pop of colour, use red to enhance a pale yellow or blue-painted home.

7. Sandstone

Sandstone is an alternative to light brown or tan. This is a versatile colour for a garage door and works well for both modern and traditional homes.

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8. Olive Green

Olive green is the deal neutral colour to make your home blend with a lush natural surrounding.

Green garage doors also match well with brown-coloured homes. Green works well in monochromatic colour schemes, and green doors can also complement red brick homes.

 Revitalize ultra-organic coloured home exteriors by using different hues of green. Olive tone garage doors contrast nicely with a red-brown front door; plus, they’re a great complement to pear or sage coloured roofing shingles.

9. Yellow

A yellow garage door is a bright and happy addition to your home. If you want your garage door to be the main feature of the home’s exterior, then yellow is the colour for you. 

10. Orange

Orange is an eye-catching colour that provides a serious jolt of personality to your home. Because orange doors come in a variety of colours, they are gaining more popularity than most other colours commonly used for garage doors.

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Eva - Mississauga
Eva - Mississauga
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I am so pleased with our new garage door. After having our old one for 36 years which was a bit of an eye sore, it definitely was time and now we're the envy of our neighbourhood. 🙂 The service was great right from the sales rep to the installing team. I can recommend Dodds to anyone.