Do I Need an Insulated Garage Door in Vaughan?

Do I Need an Insulated Garage Door in Vaughan?

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Vaughan has a really unique climate. It gets all the cold, snow, and ice that Ontario is famous for, and yet it also sees sweltering heat over the summer months.

This means you need special-everything for the winter. You need special tires for winter driving, and special boots to deal with the salt and ice. But do you need a special garage door?

Let’s take a look at insulated garage doors and why you may need one in Vaughan.

What is an Insulated Garage Door?

If you’re even reading this blog, chances are very good that you’re already thinking of an insulated garage door for your home. So, let’s take a look at the basics.

An insulated garage door is exactly what it sounds like. It is, quite simply, a garage door that has added insulating materials to boost its R-Value. This helps it keep the cold air out over the winter, while it keeps the heat out over the summer.

How much of a difference can these doors make? The results are definitely tangible, but they’re also controlled by a number of other factors such as your climate, the size of your garage, and the insulation elsewhere in the garage.

However, they are most certainly a huge step up from old wood or steel doors with no insulation and a very low R-value. The insulated garage door is made of better materials, while a proper garage door installation in Vaughan involves extra care to form a tight seal at the bottom and sides. The highest R-value in the world isn’t going to help you if you have drafts or leaks coming out of the bottom or sides.

Is an Insulated Garage Door in Vaughan a Good Idea?

This area’s weather could certainly point to a yes.

The temperature will routinely swing almost 80 degrees in either direction over the course of a year. For example, last winter we saw a windchill as cold as -38 C, while temperatures reached 40 C with the humidex over the summer.

That’s a lot to contend with and it puts a lot of pressure on your HVAC system. Your garage door takes up as much as 30% of your home’s facade and is obviously the biggest doorway into your home. This means you can potentially lose a lot of your energy savings to a poorly insulated garage door.

Do you have a bedroom or home office that shares a wall with the garage? You might find that you have a tough time maintaining the temperature and it’s always a little bit hotter or cooler than the rest of the rooms in the house. You might even have to resort to an energy-eating space heater in the winter months.

How Do You Plan on Using Your Garage?

As we just explored, if your garage is nothing more than a place to store your car and your recycling, an insulated door can still help your energy bills. However, if you plan on using your garage for more than that, an insulated door is almost a must.

First of all, do you plan on using your garage as a living space at any point? If the answer is yes, you should definitely consider an insulated garage door to keep your family comfortable and keep your utility bills under control.

Maybe you would like to turn your garage into a bit of a rec room for the kids. If this is true, we invite you to read about garage door safety and your kids by clicking that link. You should also know that an insulated garage door offers you more sound-proofing protection. In any case, controlling this climate can get expensive without quality insulation in your door and the rest of your garage.

Do you have a loft area above your garage? You may be using it for a guest room, home gym/ yoga studio, or home office. You’re definitely going to need quality insulation across the board if you plan on using that room for all four seasons. If any of the situations above describe how you plan to use your garage, we recommend that you contact an expert today to see what’s possible.

Other Ways to Weather-Proof Your Garage

The door is the largest space in your garage, which makes it the most likely area where you may leak heat or air conditioning to the outside. But it is not the only place.

First of all, as we said above, a high R-value garage door is going to be completely negated if you’re leaking air out of the top, bottom or sides of the doorway. Check these areas frequently to make sure you’re always forming a tight seal when the door is closed. If there is any breach, you should have it fixed immediately.

You will also want to take a close look at your garage’s windows. Windows are one of the leading causes of heat/ AC loss inside your home, and this is certainly the case in the garage. You may want to look at getting new and energy-efficient windows, or at least sealing the cracks and edges in your current windows.

Let’s Talk About Insulated Garage Doors

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