6 Signs It’s Time to Search for Garage Door Installation Near Me

6 Signs It’s Time to Search for Garage Door Installation Near Me

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Your garage door takes up a huge amount of physical and visual space on your property, so it should look great and do its part to enhance your home’s curb appeal. But your garage door does a lot more than just sit there and look pretty—it also protects your garage (and house, if attached) from serious problems like would-be intruders, pest infestations, energy loss, moisture incursion and much more. But if it has suffered sudden damage or deteriorated slowly due to wear and tear, it can’t protect your household or enhance your curb appeal. When that happens, it’s time to start looking for garage door installation near me.

Homeowners in the GTA need look no further than the garage door experts at Dodds Garage Doors when they need a brand-new garage door installation near me. Don’t struggle with a malfunctioning or outright broken garage door when our reliable team of garage door installers has the skill and experience to restore the safety, comfort and appeal of your home.

1. Unusual Noises

Your garage door isn’t going to operate in total silence, of course, but it also shouldn’t be making new, strange, disruptive noises. If you notice new sounds when it opens and closes such as grinding, screeching, groaning or thumping, those are clear signs that something’s not right. Some part of the mechanism is under stain, which means the situation will deteriorate quickly and could pose a hazard to your household. If you catch it early, our technicians may be able to help you avoid garage door replacement with the right repair strategy.

2. Delayed Reactions

If your garage door takes more than a few seconds to react when you try to open or close it, that could be an indication that the opener mechanism is wearing out. Every day that happens is just one day closer to the time when it doesn’t open at all and you have to deal with an aggravating, inconvenient disruption to your daily routine. Calling Dodds’ service technicians for expert garage door installation near me is a much better solution that will give you peace of mind—and give you back all that time you spend waiting for your garage door to function properly.

3. Security and Safety Issues

Many homeowners don’t think of garage door issues as dangerous, but when they’re damaged and malfunctioning, they really can threaten the safety of your household. If the auto-retract sensor isn’t working properly, for example, and a pet or small child decides to make a run for it while the door is closing, it could cause serious injury if it comes down on top of them. And, if you have a garage door that won’t close completely or securely, it’s an open invitation to intruders that leaves not only the contents of your garage exposed to theft and vandalism, but potentially the rest of your attached house as well. In these situations, a replacement garage door installation is necessary sooner rather than later.

4. Frequent Repairs

Not every problem or type of garage door malfunction requires a complete replacement—our experienced repair technicians are often able to get issues fixed up and restore your older garage door to proper function again. But if your door is more than about 15 years old and it feels like there’s just one issue after another that requires a repair call, that’s a sign that you’re better off considering a brand-new garage door installation. Replacement will actually be more cost-effective than repeated repairs, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of a garage door that’s on its last legs.

5. Unsightly or Inconvenient Damage

One of the best things about a working garage door is the convenience of hands-free entry, but if the mechanism is working, that convenience goes right out the window. Your garage door may also be functioning alright, but really not looking so great—dents, dings, rust, stains and other unsightly problems can lower the tone of your entire property and even hurt its resale value. Finding the right garage door installation near me to solve those problems will make a big improvement to your property’s appeal and your personal convenience.

6. Increasing Energy Bills

Have you noticed that the energy charges on your utility bill are higher than they used to be, even though your daily routines haven’t really changed? There are a lot of potential factors that could cause energy loss in a house, but if your heated garage always feels chilly or you notice cold drafts of air coming in, your garage door is a prime suspect. This problem is often related to damaged or missing weather strips, which are repairable. But if the problem is related to the unit’s interior insulation, a new garage door installation is likely your best bet for noticeable energy savings.

Garage Door Repair Vs. Garage Door Installation Near Me

You may be wondering if you need garage door installation near me or if your property would be better served by a few simple repairs. That’s a fair question! When you call Dodds for repair, we’ll send out a garage door repair specialist who will thoroughly inspect the problem and give you their experienced recommendation for the best course of action. Since our technicians don’t work on commission, there’s no need to worry they’re trying to upsell you needlessly. Dodds also offers flexible financing options and 24/7 emergency service for your residential garage door.

Searching for Garage Door Installation Near Me? Call the Experts at Dodds!

If you’re currently looking high and low for the right garage door installation company in the GTA, stop your search by calling the experts at Dodds Garage Doors. We have the skill, experience and outstanding products to get your garage safely locked away behind a sturdy, attractive, durable, secure garage door installation. To speak with a friendly customer service representative call 1-877-503-6337 or fill out our contact form for excellent garage door service today.