Need a New Garage Door in Oshawa? Here are 6 Things You Will Love

Need a New Garage Door in Oshawa? Here are 6 Things You Will Love

Need a New Garage Door in Oshawa? Here are 6 Things You Will Love

Sometimes, even we are amazed at how far garage door technology has come in recent years.

Today’s doors have stylish and technological features that would have completely blown our minds when we installed our first garage door over 60 years ago.

We know that you don’t spend all-day-every-day talking about garage doors like we do. In fact, most people don’t give their garage doors a second thought until they need a new one.

So, if you’re looking at new garage doors in the Oshawa area, here are a few of the modern features that you will love.

1. They Come With a Free Initial Consultation

This part surprises a lot of people. They’re not used to this level of personal service in this day and age—particularly for free!

They assume they go to their computer, search for garage door installations in Oshawa (or whatever community they live in) and someone comes a few days later to install the door they picked out online.

We prefer the personal touch. That’s why we will offer you a free initial consultation to go over your needs, your home and your budget to make sure you get the perfect door. We want to make sure you love your door right away. Going over all of the sizes and colours in person is the best way to make sure everything is perfect and there are no surprises along the way.

Big Box stores may offer a similar visit, but our consultation is completely free of charge with no obligation to buy from us. The bigger stores will charge you a fee and wave it if you purchase from them.

2. They are Wi-Fi Enabled

If you’ve been stuck with an old door for years, you may be shocked to see the incredible things that you can do using today’s Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers.

Some of these modern perks include the ability to:

  • Know when the kids get home from school safely
  • Check to make sure the garage is locked while you’re at work or on vacation
  • … Lock it if you happen to forget
  • Let the dog walker in remotely
  • Receive a package and keep it secure

These options are very popular with families who are concerned with safety and security. The new level of connectivity enables you to monitor your home at all times to ensure that everyone is safe and sound, while protecting your home from unwanted intruders.

3. They are Not Loud

The garage door openers from 20 years ago were not engineered to be quiet. And if you have one from that era, it may be louder than ever.

Gone are the days of waking up your family or neighbours when you get home late. Today’s garage door openers are remarkably quiet, while the doors offer great soundproofing through more R-value.

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4. They are More Stylish Than Ever

The amazing garage doors that you see in home décor magazines are actually far more attainable than you think.

First of all, there are so many colours to choose from that we highly recommend you click that link to see what is possible. You can now make a bold statement on the exterior of your home to fall in love with it all over again, or instantly boost its curb appeal and resale value.

You can add even more style with our aluminum door capping. This trend is red hot right now, and we invite you to click this link to learn more about garage door capping and see why it so popular. People love adding this look to frame their garage perfectly, while they also love that they don’t have to paint or treat the materials. The capping is durable and won’t fade in Ontario’s hot and humid summers, or our wet and cold winters.

5. They Can Lower Your Utility Bills

We can also help you take control of your gas or hydro bills.

The odds are pretty good that your old garage door doesn’t do much to insulate your garage. This means it’s likely nearly as cold as the outside in the winter, and even hotter than the outside in the summer.

Poor Insulation means that your HVAC system has to work extra hard to heat or cool the rooms that share a wall with your garage. You might find that you have that one bedroom next to the garage that needs a space heater in the winter, or a ceiling fan all summer long.

You can reduce your energy output and your utility bills by installing an insulated garage door, with a much higher R-value than you have right now.

These are an especially good idea if you want to use your garage for something other than just storage. If you want to convert your garage into a children’s play area, home gym, recording studio or home office, an insulated garage door is an absolute must.

6. They are More Affordable Than Ever

If this is the first garage door you’ve ever had to buy, you may have no idea how much they cost. Well, rest assured that our garage door pricing is very reasonable and probably a lot less than you think.

Our amazing doors start at about $700.00, and we even offer 0% financing for your new garage door to make things easier than ever. You can take advantage of our 12-month payment option (with no interest), or our 24-month payment options (at a charge).

Are You Ready to See What’s Possible?

These doors truly do make us feel like we’re living in the future. Come and see what’s possible today! We would love to show you more.

For the last 60 years, we have built our reputation based on trust and providing exceptional customer service. We’re proud that the Dodds name is synonymous with quality in Oshawa.

How can we help you? Feel free to click the chat window below to ask us anything. Or you can call us at 1-877-503-6337.