North York’s Best Garage Door Repair Service

North York’s Best Garage Door Repair Service

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Located directly north of Old Toronto, between Etobicoke to the west and Scarborough to the east, the administrative division of North York is one of the more densely populated residential areas in Canada. Weathering the variable North American elements, being an overhead garage door in North York is not an easy task.

We ask our garage door to preform quickly and consistently so we are able to catch the TTC or drive our way to and from work. We are left relying on the functionality of our garage door to operate in our everyday lives in a tough Canadian climate that doesn’t treat garage doors so nicely.

We have already mentioned in previous articles how the bitterly cold winters and incredibly humid summers in Northern Ontario leave your garage door susceptible to reoccurring repairs if not properly maintained.

At Dodds, we understand how important immediate service is when it comes to repairing your overhead garage door. For over 60 years, our team of qualified, insured and non-commission-based technicians have provided remarkable 24/7 around the clock emergency repair service for residential and commercial patrons in North York.

Generally speaking, North York is a more established, older area of the city, which results in a lot of requests from costumers to service and/or repair older door systems. The older the door, the more likely it feels the agonizing effects of the brutal Canadian winters. This is particularly true for those who have old wooden doors. Although wooden doors are aesthetically appealing they are susceptible to warping, cracking, and rotting in the damp and extreme Toronto seasons.

Below we will outline frequently occurring problems that could arise with your garage door, opener and associated parts and ways to avoid them so you can keep your garage door operating smoothly for decades to come.

Imagine, it’s the start to a beautiful day, you’re ready to leave the house and begin your morning commute. You go to open your garage door and regardless of what you do, it doesn’t open—or opens a little bit and then closes again. You’re stuck and there is no immediate solution.

In a lot of circumstances, we have a habit of not worrying about our garage door system until something goes wrong with it. Here are a few common solutions to problems our service technicians often come across that are easier to solve than you would think.

Depending on the weather, clearing any ice or snow from the garage floor area should be your first step, and will help protect against any damage at the bottom of your door.

Set the Limits

Your garage door opener is programmed to travel a definite distance before it closes. In the circumstance where your door stops before it is completely closed—it is clear that something is wrong with your garage door system. In this event, very frequently your door will begin to reopen in the midst of traveling down to help prevent against any damage or injury.

Changes in weather can repeatedly manipulate your garage door bringing it to shift and/or contract.  When that happens, the programmed distance your garage door has to travel could change. In that case, your “travel” settings would simply need a readjustment to fit the new distance.

Lubricate Your Doors

With the majority of contemporary overhead doors, the door will stop working to protect already damaged parts. When a technical problem arises with your garage door and it is unable to travel automatically but you still need to access something within your garage it could cause frustration. Pull the emergency release handle until you hear a click, separating the garage door from the garage door opener, and operate the door manually.

With the door still disconnected, open and close the door by hand. The door should be able to move easily with one hand. If for some reason the door either sticks or binds, remove any obstructions and lubricate the door, track, rollers, and hinges.

If the door is still sticking or binding and you are unable to resolve the issue, it would be a good time to contact a professional door technician. 1-877-503-6337.

Check Your Sensors

Your garage door, on top of being the largest entrance to your home, holds and protects you, your family and your valuables. So when it is failing to properly close, we understand the immediate concern.

If you notice that the garage door opens normally but doesn’t close when the remote is pressed, take a look at your photo-eye. These two tiny photo eyes on either side of the garage entrance transfer a beam between each other between each other to detect if there is anything in the door’s path when it closes.

Put in as a safety measure to prevent automatic doors from closing on someone or something these tiny devices are very important.

In a lot of circumstances, the reason why your door isn’t closing correctly is due to the dirt build up on the eye-causing the light from the beam to be blocked- or accidental contact with the devices which can cause the sensors to become misaligned.

Try to give it a quick and gentle clean, ensuring you do not scratch or damage the eye, since it is made from glass. If it is still not working at this point, you’ll want to check the alignment of your photo-eyes. The eyes should be pointing directly at each other. If they are in the slightest bit off, they will not register.

Once you’ve cleaned and aligned the eyes, check and see if your door is able to close properly. If you’re still experiencing technical difficulties, contact a technical professional to come out and identify the problem so we can get your door up and running as soon as possible.

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