Should I Buy An Insulated Garage Door?

Should I Buy An Insulated Garage Door?

The good news is upgrading to an insulated garage door can be as inexpensive as an additional $100.

Keep The Heat Inside: 6 Benefits of Having Insulated Garage Doors

When homeowners purchase a garage door, they should always get the option of having a standard or an insulated garage door. Sure, there is a price difference, but for a good reason. While non-insulated units are effective, there is a wide range of benefits when you opt for an insulated garage door.

This is especially the case when your existing garage is attached to your home, rather than a standalone structure. If your garage is built into your house, or you use it as a mechanic’s workshop, it is essential that you insulate your garage door. Otherwise, it could affect your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort. As your first-choice garage door company in the Greater Toronto Area, we’d like to inform our local community about the benefits of insulated garage doors.

What Is An Insulated Garage Door?

Insulation is an integral component of building energy efficient homes and other structures. It reduces thermal bridging, which means that it provides heat flow resistance. An insulated garage door stops heat from escaping in the winter, and in the summer, it stops hot, muggy air from entering. Insulating qualities are found throughout your home, such as your attic, walls, floors, ceiling, and crawl spaces.

How Do I Tell My Garage Door Is Insulated?

There are a few ways for you to check. The best way is to check the back panel of your garage door. If you can see the exterior panel design on the inside, it is not insulated. It is also not insulated if you can see outside like from the inside. But if the panel design is not visible inside because it is covered by a thick layer, it is insulated. Simply pay attention to the layers. You might detect layers of rigid foam boards or other insulation materials. Generally, they appear thicker than non-insulated units.

Top Benefits of Garage Door Insulation in the Greater Toronto Area

When you live in a cold or hot climate, it is essential that you have efficient insulation installation, including an insulated garage door. Not only does it back your heating and cooling system, but it also increases your indoor living comfort and protects your interior structures. Let’s examine the list of benefits in greater detail:

Saves Energy

If you’ve ever wondered why it is so difficult to maintain an energy efficient home, there are probably a few areas that you have missed. You might get some front door repairs or weatherproofing services, but if your garage is attached to your home, that space is likely cooler than the rest of the house. Ideally, the walls, ceiling, and floors are already insulated to prevent energy loss and that will greatly reduce the transmission of heat. Over 40% of North American homes suffer energy loss due to air infiltration. With an insulated garage door, your HVAC system will likely stabilize and help you save energy.

Increases Durability and Longevity of Garage Door

Most garage doors are made of high-quality steel and one effective way of enhancing it is by insulating them. If its R-value measures at least R-10, you can rest assured that the insulation layer will also protect the overall structure, making it more durable. This means that it promotes the longevity of the steel or aluminum frames.

Quieter and Provides Soundproofing Qualities

Insulated garage doors are generally quieter when opening and closing because insulation serves as a protective padding. If your existing structure is noisy each time you operate it, and it is audible inside the house, the tracks, rollers, and other components may need lubrication. However, by adding insulation, that layer will provide sound dampening qualities as it operates because parts are less likely moving around. Furthermore, your home will also benefit from improved soundproofing.

Delivers More Comfortable Temperatures Throughout the Year

Have you found that you’ve been increasing your indoor temperature too much because your home doesn’t seem to be keeping in the heat for long enough? No matter what type of insulation you pick, it is the most effective method of keeping in the heat for longer periods of time. It blocks strong winds and reduces the risk of air leaks, so that you’re always comfortable during the cold winter months.

Protects Your Vehicular Devices and Belongings

Cars standing outside in the winter are already suffering from freezing temperatures. But even when stored in a garage, it is not uncommon for batteries to die or tires to suffer from low air pressure. Outdoor temperatures are always changing, which is not ideal for any vehicular device. Also, the high insulation R-values provided by either dense foam, polystyrene, fiberglass, or polyurethane insulation would make the door sturdier, and thus, provide better security for your home.

Provides Extra Space for Activities

If you need extra space for activities, a fully insulated garage door will enable that. You can also add a climate control system to decide the temperature you prefer. Whether you plan to turn it into your personal gym, workshop, play space for the kids, or storage, it is an extra space that you can use!

Additional Tips!

You might be experiencing warning signs of heat loss or high energy costs and want to see what options there are to make your home more energy efficient. Aside from increased security, saving on heating and cooling costs is also of high importance for most homeowners. 

Important things to look out for when choosing insulated garage doors: 

  • Is there a seal between the sections? 
  • Is there a thermal break between the sections?
  • Are you contemplating a window unit? To prevent the risk of heat loss, ensure you get insulated double pane glass.

Even detached or standalone garages could benefit from an insulated garage door with insulation panels. Non-insulated units are merely a sheet of unsupported steel. In our Canadian climate, all it takes is an ice or wind storm to create damage that is beyond repair. And should the door stick to the ground due to freezing, you run the risk of your electric garage door opener ripping the top section during operation.

Upgrading to an insulated garage door can be as inexpensive as an additional $100, which is money well spent. Your investment will pay itself back!

At Dodds, garage door insulation comes in two primary options:

  • Polystyrene (styrofoam)
  • Polyurethane (spray foam insulation). Polyurethane has a higher R-Value. A garage door salesperson can explain all the differences and make a recommendation.

How To Maintain Your Insulated Garage Doors

In addition to a garage door replacement, it is very important that you maintain your garage weatherseal or weatherstripping and bottom seal. They must remain in good condition to perform optimally. Weather stripping forms a perimeter seal around your insulated garage door to help to keep drafts out. But over time, you may experience cracks and tears on your weatherstripping. Therefore, practicing regular inspection and maintenance will save you a lot of money and headache.

When hiring a professional, they will inspect the bottom seal (bottom rubber), ensuring the seal between the ground and your garage door is firm. If the ground beneath your door is uneven, this bottom rubber may not provide a perfect seal and result in drafts and air leakage.

Replacing your damaged bottom rubber or garage door weatherstripping can make a meaningful impact on the temperature inside your garage and greatly improve thermal efficiency throughout your home.

Is Over-the-Counter Garage Door Insulation Kit Helpful?

We get this question a lot from our customers who are eager to solve a problem on their own. And there is nothing wrong with that, except that these kits will only provide you with temporary results. Or worse, they end up adding excess weight to your electric garage door and spring, and creating more wear and tear damage.

For the best result, we highly recommend you purchase a unit with some level of insulation. The additional charge is often insignificant, whereas the benefits are high. You will be much happier with your long-lasting, insulated garage door. As always, Dodds is your garage door experts you can always rely on.

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