Toronto’s Garage Door Experts Discuss Wifi Garage Doors

Toronto’s Garage Door Experts Discuss Wifi Garage Doors


Have you ever lost the remote to your garage door, and suddenly found your car trapped in (or out) of your garage? This is why Wifi garage door openers are now an essential part of any connected home.

Gone are the days where your lost garage remote control meant losing access to your garage!

Enter wifi enabled garage door openers. Every electric opener manufacturer including LiftMaster / Chamberlain MyQ, Skylink and Genie Aladdin have wifi enabled machines. There is plenty of information online about the benefits of each machine.

As the garage door experts in Toronto, we talk about these openers all day. This is what we tell our customers when they ask us why we love wifi garage door openers.

Wifi Garage Door Opener

1. Security

A garage door remote control is an easy thing for a thief to steal. Access to your garage door remote control means access to your garage and potentially your home. A wifi enabled garage door opener is operated from an app on your phone. A thief would have to gain access to your phone in order to open your garage remotely.

2. Alerts

Set up notifications to alert you when the garage door is opened. This is a great way to see who is coming and going from the house. Get notified when the kids come home, or when an intruder is trying to gain access.

3. Safety

Forget to close the garage door in your rush to work? You can set up notifications should you leave your garage door open. You can also open the app at any time to make sure you have closed the garage door.

4. Parcel delivery and remote access

This might just be the greatest new feature of your wifi enabled garage door opener. You no longer have to worry about someone forgetting their house key or the delivery guy waiting with no one home. You can now open your garage door from anywhere in the world.

Garage door dealers typically carry the LiftMaster brand of garage door openers. This machine is similar to Chamberlain garage door openers with the added benefit of a one-piece rail system. Garage door opener installation from a dealer is always recommended as you will have someone to call should something go wrong.

If you have an older garage door opener it may be worthwhile to consider replacement. Often older garage door electric openers such as Lynx, Genie or Craftsman electric openers are more costly to repair than they are to simply replace.

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