Garage Doors Coach House with Decorative Hardware
CH1 Coach House Garage Doors - Decorative Hardware
Garage Door Coach House in Almond
CH2 Coach House - Almond Garage Door
Garage Door Coach House Wood Tone
CH3 Coach House Garage Doors - Wood Tone
Garage Door Wood Tone Coach House
CH4 Coach House Garage Doors - Wood Tone
Garage Door Coach House Short Panel in Dark Sand
CH5 Coach House Garage Doors - Short Panel in Dark Sand
Garage Door Long Panel Coach House
CH6 Coach House Garage Doors - Shaker
Garage Door Coach House in Sandstone
CH7 Coach House Garage Doors - Sandstone
Garage Door Wood Tone Coach House
CH8 Coach House Garage Doors - Wood Tone
Garage Door Coach House Overlay with Windows
CH9 Coach House Garage Doors - Overlay Garage Door
Garage Door Coach House Overlay with Windows in White
CH10 Coach House Garage Doors - Overlay
Garage Door Long Panel Coach House
CH11 Coach House Garage Doors - Long Panel
Garage Door Coach House Double Door
CH12 Coach House Garage Doors - Double Door
Garage Door Long Panel Coach House with Windows
CH13 Coach House Garage Doors - Long Panel
Garage Doors Coach House in Brown
CH14 Coach House Garage Doors - Brown
Garage Door 10 foot width Coach House
CH15 Coach House Garage Doors - 10 Foot Width
Garage Door 8 foot width Coach House
CH16 Coach House Garage Doors - 8 Foot High
Garage Doors Coach House Shaker Short Panel
CH17 Coach House Garage Doors - Shaker Panel Short

Professional Coach House Garage Doors Installation And Repair

Most GTA property owners visualize a picturesque, spacious, modern garage with the latest facilities and amenities. Apart from serving as an extra interior storage space, a garage door deters potential and suspicious trespassers who would otherwise intrude on your property line. For others, garage space is made habitable as a work or entertainment area for your convenience. If anything, a garage is more than just a dingy and decrepit space to stow away your prized possessions, including your vehicle. But coach house garage doors are also a statement piece as it readily bolsters your home’s curb appeal alongside its property and resale value.

Usually, coach garage doors are made for a secondary housing unit on and adjacent to your property reserved for extended family members or guests or as a long-term rental such as an Airbnb. Suppose you are hoping to refurbish your home with an elegant appeal. In that case, it may be time to ask for a coach house garage door installation from a local and qualified Toronto garage door technician from Dodds Doors.

Are you interested in learning more about coach house garage doors? Feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation with your first-choice garage door company in the GTA—that is Dodds Doors. We will help you determine the best course of action for your garage door replacement.

Our Best In Class Residential Garage Door Services

Dodds is the top-notch garage door company in the GTA, having served Torontonians since 1958. We showcase an outstanding track record, as demonstrated by being a proven Consumer Choice Winner for the past two decades. Our expert team members always strive to listen to their clientele’s point of view and offer long-lasting and effective solutions for coach garage doors no matter the deed, and a carriage house garage door is one of our specialties, as illustrated by our remarkable portfolio of examples.

Coach House Garage Doors

Coach House garage doors are a classic option in rural and urban settings. Often referred to as the carriage house garage door, coach house garage doors are a great way to upgrade your home. It is a maintenance-free, no-worry option.

The Best Selection of Coach House Garage Doors

Dodds Garage Doors has a wide selection of Coach House steel doors, including short panel, long panel, recessed panel, and shaker designs. Dodds Garage Doors offers a variety of standard and non-standard colours with many window and glass options. If the door exists, we will have it!

Dodds has a wide selection of garage doors, including our Platinum Series, contemporary, and traditional varieties.

Finding the right garage door can be complicated. Let Dodds make it easy for you.

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What Is A Garage Door, And Why Is It A Convenient Amenity?

Many Ontario homeowners incorrectly assume that any run-of-the-mill garage door will do, but it is exactly that mentality which stops them from being open to exploring the possibilities of a custom carriage house garage door. Nowadays, you have a wide range of options for customizing your gateway from the selection of different types of garage doors, either single panel or sectional, or various materials, including faux wood, aluminum, steel, or fibreglass. Plus, you can even opt for bonus add-on features, including windows, insulation, a heated garage pad, and LED lighting with kaleidoscopic colours. Truly you have the outcome of how your garage space and its accompanying door will appear in the palm of your hand!

What Is a Carriage House Style Garage Door, And How Does It Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

Is your current space no longer a garage but, instead, just a dingy space for storage purposes? In fact, you can transition your carriage house garage into something more suitable for your daily living routines. Even now, coach house garage doors may not be a storage pen for your mode of transport or hot wheels, nor is it just another extra space for you to hoard your personal belongings, similar to a tool shed. But many Ontario homeowners have transformed their coach garage areas into guest houses, home offices, art studios, nurseries, personal gyms, and even home theatre or playroom and entertainment rooms.

Particularly, a carriage house garage door has become popular to complement a wide range of architectural styles. For aesthetic appeal, coach garage doors imitate the look of doors found on traditional carriage houses that, in centuries past, normally housed horses and served as on-site stables. Although classic carriage house garage doors swung open front the front-center, more modern coach house garage doors rely on automated openers yet still offer the same pleasant charm of the long-established doors. A modern standard carriage house garage door opens and closes by swinging in and out of the entryway and is typically larger and taller than generic residential garage doors. (This makes sense, given that they once needed enough space to maneuver a horse-drawn carriage!). These days, coach house garage doors have been adapted to accommodate modern needs and are more prevalent than ever. One such advantage is that carriage house garage doors can prevent your garage space from getting too chilly and drafty during the thick of winter, as they are known to retain better air circulation and heat. Plus, you’re less susceptible to frequent garage door repairs and replacements as coach house doors don’t get jammed and stuck as easily, unlike roll-up garage doors.

Just by adding a set of garage door windows to your coach garage doors, too, for example, you can drastically upgrade your garage space’s livability, allowing it to be more habitable. Brand-new coach house garage doors can bolster your curb appeal as not only do they add a rustic flair to your home by adopting a more upscale and sophisticated appearance. But, if anything, the exterior of your house will appear more luxurious and regal to prospective homebuyers. Although most coach garage doors are composed of wood, steel, or a combination thereof, there is plenty of room for creativity, including swapping out the type of wood-grain material from cedar or redwood to alder, to custom handles, hinges, glass panels, and lastly, finishes and paints.

Our Established Coach House Garage Doors Installation Process

Types Of Garage Door Materials

As previously mentioned, although coach house garage doors consist of either wood or steel, some Ontario property owners opt for a unique combination of materials rather than depending on just one. So feel free to modify your carriage house garage door to your expectations, as one of our skilled technicians can custom-make coach garage doors. You need only ask.

Faux Wood

Similar to its historic and time-honoured design, faux wood coach house garage doors are a classic and popular choice. Wood is a durable material that can handle both fluctuating temperatures and pressure, including being resistant to damage from local weather conditions. Wood coach garage doors are great for reducing noise pollution and are an eco-friendly option as the material itself is biodegradable and will decompose in the local landfill when recycled. The only downside is that wood itself tends to be heavier for a carriage house garage door, given its high-quality finish, and needs a more robust garage door opener. Plus, they require more proper upkeep and need to be maintained through staining and painting to retain their fresh appearance.


Steel coach garage doors are incredibly durable, have superior insulation ability, are more energy efficient, can withstand heavy pressure, won’t easily dent, chip, or warp, and are good at dampening loud noises. Of course, steel coach house garage doors are not indestructible and still need routine maintenance, especially the occasional power washing service, to clear off any accumulated residue. If not, your garage door is vulnerable to discoloured rust and corrosion.

Numerous Benefits Of Coach House Garage Doors

Boosted Safety And Security: Incredibly Durable

It’s always nice to have backup storage space apart from your basement. But above all, a garage is akin to the defence battalion of your humble abode. If your home’s garage is breached in any way, your family member’s safety is jeopardized. The advantage of coach house garage doors is that they are more secure than standard garage doors without safety features. This is because they are composed of multiple layers of material–about 2 inches thick–each allowing them to ward off any incoming physical impact, making it complicated for trespassers to barge in. For example, the upgraded locking mechanism makes it difficult for an intruder to break, kick or try to force open the door.

Preferred Style: Customization Options

The carriage style for coach garage doors remains a mainstay and classic aesthetic design for luxury homes–only it’s been updated to accommodate modern needs. From being able to swap out the hinges and handles, a carriage house garage door is truly a masterpiece of your own making. Plus, if you upgrade to a modern or contemporary coach house garage door, you will benefit from a minimalist design that is less bulky as it offers a more streamlined appearance that showcases a sleek and luxurious appearance.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: Upgraded Curb Appeal

Carriage house garage doors are oftentimes heavier and larger compared to conventional garage doors as they are constructed with higher quality materials and better finishes that generic ones just don’t offer. As a result, by default, you increase both your property’s curb appeal and resale value to potential homebuyers, and you can sell your house for a higher price point. For example, due to the fact that coach house garage doors take up a vast expanse of your home’s exterior, they have an impressive 100% plus worthwhile return on investment, making it one of the most cost-effective home remodelling projects. If anything, a wooden barn door-style doorway mounted on a sliding track makes your humble abode appear to be more charming.

Proper Upkeep: Low Maintenance

At the end of the day, routine maintenance is mandatory rather than optional, as you require periodic inspections for signs of deterioration. The best aspect about coach house garage doors is that they need minimal repairs considering they swing inwards and outwards and won’t get randomly stuck as roll-up garage doors do. They won’t have issues with technical and glitchy electrical wiring either, which can cause your garage door to malfunction alongside the garage door opener. Plus, since most coach garage doors are composed of wood or steel, both can bode well in harsh and local weather conditions. This is significant, especially if you own expensive and prized vehicles which can be exposed to scathing precipitation.

More Insulation: Increased Energy Efficiency

Moreover, certain materials, such as wood, are naturally effective at insulating and mitigating heat transfer. As a result, solid wood coach garage doors will prevent your garage space from getting frozen out during a cold snap in wintertime or overheating during the next heat wave.

Why Dodds Doors Is A Dependable Choice For A Coach House Garage Door

Upon glancing at your rustic and pleasant carriage house, any on-goer will be aroused at its sheer beauty and comment on how aesthetically pleasing your home sweet home truly is. If anything, not only do coach house garage doors allow for a more inviting atmosphere but also readily boost your home’s curb appeal. Trust us—you will only reap the rewards in terms of added convenience and comfort by opting for a charming carriage house garage door. 

Rely on one of our expert technicians for all your coach garage door needs, as they will determine the best outcome based on your personal preferences and budget. We are the Consumer Choice Award winner for a reason!

Frequently Asked Questions About Coach House Garage Doors

Are Coach Garage Doors Still Popular?

Immensely so–if anything, carriage house garage doors have made a bold comeback by being adapted to modern homeowners. Nowadays, coach garage doors are specially reserved for luxury homes to maximize space for storage purposes or security and protection as an extra living space to reside in.

What Is A Carriage Style Garage Door?

A coach or carriage-style garage door, as the name suggests, was around before cars were invented. During the olden days, pioneers would use horses and carriages to get from place to place until they reached their final destination. This mode of transportation utilizing a horse-drawn carriage reached its peak popularity in the 18th century. A carriage house garage then would be similar to a barn to house the horse and carriage itself. The garage door would swing effortlessly inwards and outwards so the large carriage would fit inside.

What Maintenance Is Required For Coach House Garage Doors?

We best recommend that you sign up for an annual professional inspection from a certified garage door technician, especially before the colder weather in wintertime hits, so you don’t experience a faulty garage door. For example, in terms of routine maintenance, your garage door must, at the very least, be lubricated with a silicone-based spray at least once per year. Here are some of the areas to assess:

  • Check to see if the rollers are worn out
  • Check the tracks and hinges for deterioration
  • Check the spring system for any discoloured rust
  • Check to see if any loose nuts or lags need to be securely fastened
  • Check for excessive debris and dust buildup near the photo eye sensors and tracks
  • Check for glitchy electrical wiring which connects to the control panel and garage door opener

Dodds Doors Will Station A Delightful Carriage House Garage Door For Your Humble Abode!

Coach house garage doors are one of numerous entry and exit points on the premises of your property, so it makes a vast difference in how it appears from the outskirts. Don’t deny yourself the extravagance of a carriage house garage door, as it will transform your property into a sophisticated style. One of our customer contact representatives is on standby at 1-877-503-6337, so go ahead and schedule a consultation or service appointment. If you are curious about other residential and commercial garage door services, from garage door repair to modern garage doors and more, don’t hesitate to ask. We earnestly await your response!

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