How to Find the Right Garage Door Company for Installing a New Door

How to Find the Right Garage Door Company for Installing a New Door


When the time comes to replace your garage door, the garage door company you choose must meet the basic criteria of quality and reputation to ensure you’re satisfied. That’s because if they meet or surpass the standard for professionalism, you can bet the company will provide a garage door installation that lasts for years to come.

The Criteria of a Top Garage Door Company

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The three criteria for determining the best garage door company are:


Installing a garage door requires technical proficiency; it may look simple at first, but the knowledge required is far beyond the know-how to replace a window or a front entry door. You can trust that Dodds has the experience and know-how for any garage door installation. That’s because Dodds has been the #1 garage door company in Toronto and the GTA for over 60 years.


A garage door company has to earn its reputation by consistently providing outstanding customer service from professionals knowledgeable who carefully listen to your garage door needs. Customers also expect honesty and transparency. Dodds has been consistently recognized as the #1 rated garage door company in Toronto by Consumer’s Choice.


You may assume any company in the business of installing garage doors would carry liability insurance, but you must verify. Ask to see the garage door company’s coverage certificate and other details.

Tips to Find the Best Garage Door Company

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A garage door company may specialize in a specific type of installation. For example, standard door installations won’t require a team of garage door technicians or heavy equipment.

However, custom garage door installations would require more expensive materials — it would then take longer to be delivered and installed.

Here are some additional helpful tips you should consider when choosing a garage door company:

Are Local Regulations Followed?

Municipalities have regulations for repairs or improvements. For example, if you’re building a garage space attached to the home, after completion, a local inspector will review the work to ensure it meets all applicable Ontario garage building codes and regulations. Ask the garage door company if they’re aware of local building codes that pertain to new garage door installations.

Are They Licensed?

A fully licensed and bonded company is a must. This is right in line with the three vetting criteria mentioned above. Hire a licensed contractor will ensure they are a legitimate business and familiar with municipal building codes. A surety bond protects the homeowner if the company makes a mistake, and leaves you with the added repair costs.

Are They a Local Company?

If the company isn’t local, it is a disservice to you because they are too far away if there is a garage door emergency. Travelling from out of town to meet with you or if they need to get parts or help from the main office, the distance causes disruptions and frankly, unsatisfied customers. Luckily, Dodds has 26 locations across the Greater Toronto Area — we also provide 24/7 garage door repair, so when you need us we’ll be there.

Compare Pricing

Carefully compare companies for return on value in garage door pricing. If one is much higher in cost than another similar type, ask why — there may be added features. If not, they are not charging a fair garage door industry price.

Tools and Equipment Required?

It should go without saying, but does the company have all the equipment to complete the job and technicians properly trained? It’s a fact: if you are going to compete, you must have the tools to compete.

What is Guaranteed?

Most garage doors carry a manufacturer warranty, usually for two years or more. But after the warranty period expires, you must pay out of pocket for all repairs. For peace of mind, inquire with the garage door company about their warranty policy and if any coverage exists once the manufacturer warranty expires.

Reputation Background Check

Check online ratings in Google, Homestars, Yelp, etc. There you can check star ratings and comments from real customers.

Some companies may post fake reviews to benefit them. They can be hard to spot, but a good example is several reviews that follow a consistent pattern of someone fawning over a company and giving glowing reviews without stating what the company did for them. Be careful and use your best judgment.

Finding the right garage door company for installing a new door should be hassle-free and affordable.

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