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As a resident of Richmond Hill, you probably enjoy its small-town feel despite being part of the Greater Toronto Area. The commute is also more convenient and relaxed, so if you’re in a busy household that requires you to run several errands, there is a lot less to stress about. But stress can also occur before you even leave your home, such as being stuck inside with a broken garage door cable. But don’t worry! Dodds Garage Doors in Richmond Hill is here to save the day. Our expert Richmond Hill garage door service technicians offer 24/7 emergency repair services!

Since 1958, Dodds Garage Door services have been proudly serving the local communities within the Greater Toronto Area. Back then, we weren’t spoiled. We remember having to manually open the shutters like barn doors because electric openers weren’t widely available, nor were they dependable at the time. But as technology evolved and building materials became more reliable, we joined the club and decided to invest our time in high-quality garage door service in Richmond Hill.

From consultations to installation and repair services, the expert team at Dodds will help you pick the right residential or commercial garage door. Richmond Hill residents are invited to call our friendly office team at 1-877-503-6337 to schedule an appointment. Or read on to learn more about our wide range of services available for Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.

Dodds Garage Doors in Richmond Hill

There is a reason why the locals of Richmond Hill choose our reliable services. Having been in business for so long, we know no surprises except for the occasional emergency call. But even then, we spot the underlying problem right away and get down to work! There are many occasions when we detect a lack of preventative maintenance. As a result, materials wear out and become rusty. In many situations, they even pose a safety hazard, which means it’s time to install a new garage door in Richmond Hill.

Our experienced technicians are well-versed and knowledgeable about our high-quality products. When hiring Dodds Garage Doors in Richmond Hill, you can rest assured that we have your comfort and safety in mind so that you can count on mindful inspection and expert installation services. Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, we have you covered.

Residential Garage Doors in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill has beautiful properties! And what’s better at boosting your curb appeal than a brand-new Richmond Hill garage door installation to complement your modern house design? We offer a wide variety of products that come in various styles, colours, and designs!

When it comes to residential garage doors, homeowners truly appreciate their value when these vital components cease to function as they should. Garage doors serve as the first line of defence for valuable vehicles and cherished personal belongings. They protect these assets not only from unpredictable elements but also from the potential threat of theft. Beyond security and protection, they contribute to the energy efficiency of the home, helping homeowners save on utility bills. At Dodds, we recognize the multifaceted role that garage doors play in the lives of our customers. This understanding drives us to provide an extensive selection of top-notch door models that not only offer impeccable security but also enhance the overall aesthetic of homes. We believe in offering peace of mind to homeowners, ensuring that their garage doors not only perform flawlessly but also elevate the curb appeal of their residences.

Commercial Overhead Garage Doors in Richmond Hill

Commercial settings are always busy and require reliable overhead units and barrier gates to operate flawlessly. Dodds specializes in a wide range of commercial needs, so you can rest easy knowing that your commercial garage doors in Richmond Hill are in safe hands.

Commercial garage doors are an integral part of our daily lives, often encountered in apartment complexes, underground parking facilities, and various business establishments. These doors, due to their regular and extensive usage, endure considerably more wear and tear compared to their residential counterparts. In these commercial settings, the doors serve as a critical element, offering peace of mind to patrons who rely on them to safeguard their vehicles. Business owners, in turn, understand the importance of prioritizing regular repairs and routine maintenance for these commercial units.

At Dodds, we specialize in catering to the unique needs of our commercial clients. We offer prompt and reliable service that understands the critical nature of commercial garage doors in various industries. Whether it’s a quick repair or a complete replacement, we provide a range of options to ensure that these vital doors continue to operate smoothly, thereby upholding the security and convenience that patrons and businesses alike depend on. Our commitment to the reliability and longevity of commercial doors is a testament to our dedication to ensuring the uninterrupted operation of businesses and the peace of mind of their customers.

Comprehensive Garage Door Services in Richmond Hill

Your garage door serves as more than just an entry point to your property; it’s a vital component that influences both the functionality and security of your home or business. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to the need for professional garage door services in Richmond Hill. Dodds stands as the trusted name in this field. Our team is dedicated to addressing all your garage door needs, from routine repairs to installations and emergency services. This makes us the go-to choice for anyone seeking top-notch garage door repairs in Richmond Hill.

Whether you’re facing irritating noises, need a new garage door installation, or require prompt emergency repairs, Dodds is here to provide reliable and efficient solutions.

Garage Doors Repairs in Richmond Hill

If you neglect periodic maintenance, you’ll eventually require professional garage door repair in Richmond Hill. You may encounter warning signs, such as screeching and grinding noises. If you don’t act fast enough, you could find yourself losing a lot of energy in the winter and compromising your home’s safety. When your garage door spring fails you completely, and you need emergency repairs, our 24/7 expert team at Dodds is at your service.

Dodds offers a range of typical garage door repair services, including:

  • Quieting irritating sounds like squeaks or grinding noises.
  • Repairing or replacing malfunctioning electric garage door springs.
  • Fixing issues with chain or belt-drive openers.
  • Resolving problems with motion sensors, security lights, and remote controls.
  • Inspecting the circuit breaker.
  • Realignment or adjustment of overhead door tracks.
  • Repairing damaged garage door cables and wires.

Richmond Hill Garage Door Installation Service

We have completed multiple successful Richmond Hill garage door installations for commercial and residential customers and believe that there is one for every beautiful property in town. What Dodds Has To Offer:

Each home is unquestionably unique. Whether you choose traditional steel raised panels or a classic coach house style, we offer only the best types of garage doors. Or perhaps you are interested in Dodds Platinum Series to add a modern touch to your home.

Choose from modern steel, glass, and faux wood and learn about the wide range of style, colour, and window options we have to offer.

Richmond Hill Garage Door Opener

Another crucial part of your decision-making involves choosing the right opening device that includes:

  • Belt driven
  • Chain driven
  • Side-Mount or Jackshaft

These are all electric-driven openers that are highly effective and reliable. At Dodds, we put a high priority on safety, which is why our openers are equipped with a photo eye, designed to reverse direction in the event of an obstruction. High-quality brands we vouch for include LiftMaster.

24/7 Emergency Repair Services

Dependable emergency services are hard to come by. When you need a trusted home service provider to deliver an emergency fix on your garage doors, Richmond Hill service providers at Dodds will react fast and efficiently. No matter if day or night, our 24-hour service technician is always on standby.

Choose Dodds for Expert Garage Door Services in Richmond Hill

When it comes to selecting the right service provider for your garage door in Richmond Hill, you want to be sure you’re making a decision you can trust. Dodds Garage Doors has stood the test of time in the GTA since 1958, earning the reputation of being the most reliable and dependable garage door team. To top it off, we’ve been consecutively voted the best garage door company by Consumers Choice for the past 20 years. With over 65 years of experience under our belt, we’ve fine-tuned our approach to provide the most knowledgeable service while addressing the unique needs of our local clientele.

Here are some compelling reasons why both home and business owners confidently choose Dodds for a garage door service in Richmond Hill:


Our garage door technicians are renowned for their expertise and their respectful interactions with customers. We prioritize excellent customer service, recognizing that the process of getting a garage door repaired or replaced can be a disruption to your daily life. We understand the importance of efficiency and correctness in our projects, always striving to minimize any inconvenience. With over six decades of experience in the GTA, we have a deep understanding of the local community, and we’re well-versed in the challenges posed by the region’s weather. This knowledge allows us to recommend the best range of door models that can withstand extreme weather changes. Our expert technicians provide professional advice, deliver excellent service, and guarantee customer satisfaction each and every time.

Quality Products & Deals

We take pride in offering outstanding Canadian products. As a premier dealer of CHI and Richards-Wilcox, we use Canadian steel to craft our Canadian Series, built to our precise specifications. This series boasts a diverse range of design options, catering to contemporary and traditional styles alike. In addition to top-quality products, Dodds sweetens the deal with attractive incentives, including no-interest 0% financing, free consultations, fantastic promotions, and a lifetime hardware warranty.

Local Recommendations

While we have full confidence in the quality of our services, we understand the importance of hearing from satisfied customers. We invite you to explore our Google reviews, where we consistently maintain an impressive rating. Additionally, on our website, you’ll find reviews from actual residents who have shared their positive experiences with Dodds.

Dodds is not just a service provider; we are your trusted partner in safeguarding and enhancing your property. Dodds stands as the epitome of exceptional customer service, quality products, and round-the-clock availability. Choosing Dodds for your next garage door repair in Richmond Hill or an installation service is a decision that ensures your peace of mind and the protection of your valuable assets. Contact us today and join the ranks of the many happy customers who have experienced our award-winning service.

FAQs About Garage Door Services in Richmond Hill

What Are The Most Common Problems With Garage Doors in Richmond Hill, ON?

No matter what the circumstance, we pride ourselves on our expert garage door repairs. Richmond Hill residents can count on us to handle common repairs, such as:

  • Broken chain drive or belt drive
  • Snapped spring
  • Grinding noises when opening and closing
  • Roller wheels replacement
  • Hinge or track protector damage
  • The door is not closing properly
  • Outdated insulation
  • Broken window pane
  • Worn our weather seals
  • Broken springs

Do You Have a Price Range For Garage Doors?

Richmond Hill customers are invited to learn more about our transparent and competitive pricing system. Whether you’re looking for a single 8×7 or a 16×7 double garage door, insulated or non-insulated, our starting rates can be found on our website.

To learn more about the price ranges between the different types of electric openers or repair services, or to get an estimate for your project, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-503-6337!

Does Dodds Garage Doors in Richmond Hill Offer Financing Options?

We do! Dodds is proud to offer a 0% financing program for up to 12 months. The financial advisor on our team is more than happy to sit down with you and discuss the details.

What Brands Are Available For My Garage Door in Richmond Hill?

At Dodds, we only deal with high-quality products that have proven to last, and that includes C.H.I., Richards-Wilcox, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and many more. We are also proud to present our Dodds Platinum Series to provide the front of your property with added aesthetic appeal.

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Earlier this year, we installed a new garage door. From the initial sales meeting to the installation, our experience was nothing but positive! Our installer further exceeded our expectations by covering an area of the door frame that was originally accounted for simply because he wanted to ensure we received the best quality of his work. We would highly recommend (and we already have) Dodds Garage Door to any of our friends or family.

- Jody and Dale
Richmond Hill

Called Dodds at 9am to replace a broken spring on my garage door. The technician was there before noon the same day and had the spring replaced within 30 minutes. He even suggested ways to maintain my doors and hardware to ensure the components last as long as possible. Exceptional garage repair service.

- Mike
Richmond Hill

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If you’re in need of a garage door in Richmond Hill or garage door opener repair or service, simply give us a call, and we’ll dispatch one of our highly skilled and professional experts to your residence or place of business. There’s no need to hesitate; get in touch with our dedicated and knowledgeable staff today at 1-877-503-6337 to schedule an appointment! Whether you’re in search of an expert installation service or garage door repairs in Richmond Hill, Toronto, Markham, or the surrounding areas in the GTA, we take great pride in being your top choice.